Graphalloy Bushings for Tough Food Applications

FDA Acceptable GRAPHALLOY® Bushings eliminate maintenance and frequent replacements in food applications.  Graphalloy is self-lubricating and requires no grease or oil, performs in temperatures from –400°F (-240°C) to +1000°F (535°C), works submerged in low viscosity and corrosive liquids, and there is no lubricant loss in steam or pressure wash.

A bakery oven OEM was using rolling element bearings on the conveyor circuit of a tunnel oven with a temperature range from 450°F to 650°F. To reach these bearings, mechanics would have to crawl over the oven belt when the machine was shut down, thus causing damage and presenting a safety risk. Another issue was caustic washdowns that rusted the ball bearings. In some applications, bearing life was as little as 2 weeks. They were researching solutions when they discovered GRAPHALLOY. Graphalloy self-lubricating bushing materials thrive in high temperature environments, handle caustic washdowns, and are maintenance-free. These Graphalloy bushings in stainless steel pillow block housings have been running in this application for several years with no issues.

A seafood processing plant in the Southeast was running a conveyor in their freezer area to “flash-freeze” fresh seafood. The environment is a difficult one: The temperature is cold (28°F/-2°C) and wet and the system requires frequent washdown. The conveyor bearings were being replaced every month. The plant maintenance superintendent contacted GRAPHALLOY about the problem. It was determined that the current bearings could not hold lubrication under these conditions and, as a result, breakdowns were occurring frequently. Graphalloy 4-bolt flange block assemblies were installed and have been running successfully for more than five years!

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