Ultra-fast HC contamination detection in industrial processes

Transient emissions challenges

Ultra-fast HC measurement to identify fuel & oil contamination of containers is now possible with millisecond response.  Cambustion’s FID50 has been adapted from a 30 year heritage of engine exhaust measurements and wind tunnel tracer gas applications to adapt it for process measurements where the high speed of passing product requires ultra-fast response to identify any “spikes” in hydrocarbon readings – indicating contamination.

With a T10-90% rise time of 10 milliseconds, this fast FID is ideal for process control and identification of hydrocarbon traces.

The system includes a heated or unheated sample line (typically 3 metres long but with alternative lengths available) whose sensing tip can be held either at a fixed location to sample from a passing production line or moved rapidly from point to point using a robot arm, needing to dwell at each position for only 10 milliseconds to identify a trace of HC contamination.

The rapid time response means that process speed need not be limited by the detection time lag inherent in traditional hand-held and fixed format flame ionisation detectors (FIDs).

The equipment is 19” rack mountable or free-standing with an option to fuel for up to two hours using small 3-inch hydrogen “sticks” for portable applications.

Please see the FID50 brochure here:

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