Detectable Cable Management Solutions for Food & Beverage Processing

Meeting the challenges of detectability

Food and beverage processors are conscious of the challenges faced in detecting contamination with foreign objects, especially plastic objects. Whether, and to what extent, a foreign object is detected depends on a number of factors such as material, the type of detector, equipment sensitivity, calibration, conveyance speed and the type of food being processed. It is important that metal in a plastic product is uniformly dispersed to allow detection of fragments. Depending on the application, a metal detectable tie might also need to be resistant to chemicals, high temperatures and to float in liquids.

Metal content detectability – A unique level of verification

A cable tie may be accidently cut or be damaged, allowing part or all of it to come in contact with food. Detection is crucial. Our innovative cable management solutions have been designed together with leading food processors to maximise quality assurance and verification using metal detectors, x-ray and visual means. Our solutions include new generation metal detectable ties, cable tie mounts, easy-to-clean conduits and fittings, corrosion resistant identification tags and other products and solutions for the industry.

Metal Detectable Cable Ties and Mounts:

Metal content products from HellermannTyton are detectable through metal pigments. We offer a wide range of cable ties with a metal detection range from a ferrous sphere setting of 1.0mm up to 3.4mm. Furthermore, our MCTS ties are highly resistant to corrosion, making these particularly suitable for applications in salty environments or cleanrooms. Metal detectable mounts are ideal for extra strength in holding MCT-Series cable ties in position. All metal detectable ties from HellermannTyton are available in blue for high visual detectability, however we also offer some ties in other detectable colours such as yellow, green and red for colour coding purposes within food processing facilities.

Metal Detectable Spiral Binding, Cable Covering and Fittings:

SBPEMC spiral binding and the Helawrap HWPPMC cable covers are ideal for bundling and protecting cables and hoses, including retro-fitting. Both are highly flexible, corrosion resistant, and have a high metal content for reliable detection.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties and P-Mounts:

Corrosion-resistant MBT cable ties and P-Mounts made of stainless steel are suitable for the high temperatures and substantial mechanical loads often found in food production processes.

Application Processing Tools:

Designed for maximum ergonomics and performance, application processing tools from HellermannTyton combine reduced manual effort and durable components to ensure efficient assembly and longer life cycle.

We understand the challenges you face

Contamination of food or beverages with foreign objects is a concern of all food processors. It can lead to costly production losses. But even graver, it can damage an organisation’s reputation and brand and, worse still, threaten the lives of consumers.

HellermannTyton is an experienced partner that brought the first detectable metal detectable cable tie onto the market and today we are leading a new generation of proven metal content cable ties and other detectable cable management products. Our solutions are cost effective and go hand in hand with expert service and support.

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