Global studies prove there is concrete evidence that anti-fatigue matting improves productivity, concentration and decreases the risk of circulatory problems. With half the UK workforce standing or walking for more than 4 hours a day and using 20% extra energy than those seated, it’s vitally important that the best use of that energy is made during the working day.

Anti-fatigue mats reduce fatigue and health impacts from standing for extended lengths of time. Your backside needs a cushion for extended periods of sitting; so do your feet for standing. Anti-fatigue mats from Lanmat are scientifically designed to contribute to “muscle-pump theory” by improving blood circulation in the body, and reducing compression on the spinal cord. OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) state that, “When used properly, anti-fatigue matting provides an overall healthier work environment, fostering enhanced worker productivity.”

Obviously, Anti Fatigue Mats are not the ‘be all and end all’ to remove all of the woes associated with the standing worker, but they do reduce impact to various parts of the body, especially the feet, legs, knees and the hips that are negatively affected by prolonged standing. Anti-fatigue mats improve circulation and soften the pressure on joints and muscles.

Slips and trips at work is a well-documented issue giving rise to the most common cause of injuries in the UK workplace. Many working conditions can create dangerous situations including spillages of liquid, food waste, small particles such as grains; and ice on cold store floors and uneven surfaces can also be hazardous. All these hazards can be safely controlled by using matting with drainage channels and etched surfaces to provide the very best in slip resistance.

There are many ways to implement anti-fatigue mats to better serve your employees and your business.

Anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats – how do I choose the correct type?

Choosing the right anti-fatigue or anti-slip mat can be a bit daunting when there is such a wide choice on the market. To help with your decision, we’ve listed below some key questions to ask yourself when deciding which one to purchase.

What problem are you trying to solve?

  • To reduce slips and trips?
  • To reduce fatigue?
  • To stop transfer of electrical current?
  • To dissipate static electricity?
  • All of the above?


  • Are any oils or chemicals present?
  • Is it a wet or dry surface?
  • Do you require a solid surface or with drainage holes?
  • Are there any trucks or trolleys operating on the floor area?
  • Do you require the mat to be in a roll, as a predetermined sized mat or in modular tile form?
  • How long do you need the mat to last for?
  • Do you require the mat to have anti-fatigue properties?
  • Is the mat likely to be affected by hot items such as sparks and hot metal parts?
  • Do you require demarcation lines around the edges of the mat?
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) – Are you protecting personnel or components?
  • Switchboard matting – what voltage do you require the mat to insulate workers from?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re in a very good position to find the mat to best meet your needs. You can simply email your list of requirements to info@lanmat.co.uk and we will select the very best option for you.

Mats specifically for food processing and packaging areas.

For wet areas.

The best type of mat for these situations is with an open grid which will allow debris and dampness to fall through therefore ensuring the grip is still maintained. The LinearMat and PneuMat both have anti-fatigue properties which alleviate the aching legs and feet of the workforce.

For wet areas needing food safe matting.

Use mats with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives in this situation. If you require modular mats which can easily be handled and moved, the HygieneMat GA is a great choice as this has handles to make it easier to carry and hang up for washing. For longer sections of flooring, the HygieneMat is perfect for this job as this can also be moved easily for cleaning. Another option would be the ProcessMat which is again ideal for food preparation areas.

For dry areas.
The BoostMat is a great choice here as it has a checker plate finish which provides a slip resistant surface, along with a foam base to provide exceptional comfort all day. The BubbleMat provides good grip along with improvements to blood circulation, and there are many possibilities in the ClikMat range if a larger area of floor needs to be covered around machinery or other obstacles.

When choosing anti-fatigue mats, its well worth going for the highest grade product you can afford, as this will pay you back many times over in the long term. Features to look out for include; at least 13mm thickness to make sure the mat actually makes a difference, Nitrile base foam, bevelled sponge as close to the edge of the mat as possible as this will reduce the possibility of the edges curling up and 3 year or even lifetime guarantees to name but a few.

If you have unusual or very specific matting requirements, there is a huge amount of options available to suit every application.

So the 5 good reasons to install anti-fatigue mats?

  1. You will increase productivity
  2. You will provide more comfortable and healthier working conditions
  3. You will reduce dangerous slips and trips
  4. You will improve your workers blood circulation and reduce compression on joints
  5. You can take advantage of Lanmat’s price reduction on all anti-fatigue and anti-slip products during March and April 2019 exclusively for FDPP readers.

The pricing deal

Lanmat are offering a 5% price reduction on all anti-fatigue and anti-slip products for FDPP readers only during March and April 2019 when you spend a minimum of £250.

To take advantage of this offer, please use the code: FDPPMA2019 when emailing your specific requirements to info@lanmat.co.uk, or use the link: https://lanmat.co.uk/discount/FDPPMA2019 when placing an order online at www.lanmat.co.uk

Browse our many anti-fatigue products and flooring types or call to speak to one of our representatives who can walk you through the process of picking out the perfect anti-fatigue mats for your business.

Lanmat is here to help your business! We look forward to getting you a step closer to a safer and more comfortable working environment.

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