Heatsense’s manufacturing capabilities cover a broad range of specialist high-performance thermocouple and signal cables that operate in extreme environments. The company is regarded as a technology leader in fluoropolymer extrusion.

The company manufactures thermocouple cables and extensions wires, equipment wires, coaxial cables, multicore cables, micro cables and fine wires.

These cables are resistant to flame, oils, chemicals and operate in ultra-high vacuum, cryogenic, radiation and nuclear environments. The company offers a range of approvals that meet all internationally-recognised specifications.

Insulation materials include PFA, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PEEK, EFGLAS, PE, PU, PVC, Taped & Sintered PTFE, Mica, Silicone, Polyimide & Aramid Yarns. Braiding materials include glass & ceramic fibres, other specialist yarns and various metals.

Markets include automotive, aerospace, nuclear, medical, general industry and oil & gas.

Highly customer focused, Heatsense offers a bespoke advanced technical design and manufacturing service, rapid response times, short lead times, low MOQ’s and competitive pricing.

About Heatsense


Established in 1984 by two engineers from Fothergill & Harvey in Lancashire, Heatsense has steadily built its reputation and is today regarded by many as the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of thermocouple cables and extension wires. Many original customers continue to do business with Heatsense and a number of its original employees still work for the company.

Current management acquired the business in 2014, relocated it to Greater Manchester and made significant investment in plant and equipment, broadening the company’s manufacturing capabilities. Throughout 2018, the company saw significant growth; acquiring new equipment and significantly expanding its workforce.

Heatsense has achieved both ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 Accreditations since 2014 and is currently working closely with the NAMRC (Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) on the F4N (Fit for Nuclear) Approval Scheme.

The company is also working towards AS9100:2016 and aims to be accredited in 2019.

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