Jenton International Ltd

Jenton International will be showing it’s JenAct UV disinfection equipment for air and surface disinfection at PPMA 2022.   Centrepiece will be a JenAct UV Torpedo®  disinfection roller conveyor. This has become a popular item in the last year with the majority of sales for the disinfection of the surface of packaging and packaged products being transferred from low-care to high-care in food production facilities. Full 360 degree UVC exposure is possible on the variable speed system so all surfaces are exposed.

Jenton manufacture these systems in the UK and incorporate their own enhanced output UV lamp fittings which are fitted with Philips / Signify UV lamps.  The lamps are modified by Jenton to allow operation at cold temperatures and, with the addition of FEP sleeving,  for safe operation in a food environment.  JenAct has developed modelling software to enable the company to match disinfection performance to customer requirements and specified pathogens.  Jenton supplies EIT radiometers to permit continuous and calibrated measurement of UVC for performance monitoring.

In addition, JenAct products for UV air disinfection will be displayed, including wall mounted GRU-V® systems for smaller spaces and UV torpedo® systems for HVAV and air ducts and UV Jet™ systems for large production areas.  All systems are made by Jenton in the UK and JenAct software can predict performance of all systems against customer pathogen targets.