TrailerMaster by Axscend Ltd

The Transport and Logistics Industry is the driving force behind many sectors, but like all industries, it is facing lots of change in present times. With consumer expectations increasing, stringent compliance regulations, driver safety and the cost of fuel rising rapidly, any new technology for the logistics sector needs to offer a solution to their challenges.

TrailerMaster makes managing large fleets of trailers a breeze. The small simple to install unit will allow you to respond quickly and easily to operational challenges. TrailerMaster not only reports on the status & location of your trailers, but also alerts you of any brake, tyre problems and lighting faults. This not only helps you remain compliant, but also reduces downtime and provides protection for an operator against roadside prohibitions.

TrailerMaster incorporates the very latest Bluetooth Low Energy standard which remains active at all times, even when the trailer is uncoupled. As you walk around your parked trailers, the smartphone application will automatically show which of your trailers are in range and allow you to open up a direct connection even if you have no mobile phone signal on your phone.

When managing a fleet of commercial and industrial vehicles the main objective is for them to run safely, compliantly, and as efficiently as possible. Downtime is not an option as this cost’s money. TrailerMaster uses the latest technology to inform you where your vehicles are, what they need and when they need it. You have your fleet at your fingertips 24/7. Info can be viewed online via the desktop portal, or on your smartphone using the app. Read what some of our customers think: