Control your Company’s Energy Costs whilst keeping your Factory Cool!

With the rising temperatures of spring and summer only a few months away, now is the ideal time to think about cooling your factory. EcoCooling systems are fresh air based, reducing the risk of COVID transmission while efficiently keeping staff or work areas cool.

Energy experts are predicting a steep rise in the cost of electricity for both business and private households, add to this the extra cost of keeping your staff protected from COVID, this will undoubtedly but a strain on the budgets of many companies. Our EcoCoolers can help you with both of these problems, they are economical to run, easy to look after, as well as increasing the ventilation that has been proven to help reduce the spread of viral diseases.

Energy Efficient Cooling

Ventilation systems alone can provide comfort cooling for most of the year in the UK. However, on hotter days they are unable to maintain internal temperatures below 25°C. It is at this point that additional cooling is required. Using evaporative cooling as an integral part of a balanced ventilation system means that the temperature of a building can be controlled even on the very hottest days.

Being a natural process, evaporative cooling is far more energy efficient than refrigeration, requiring no additional energy input.  The only energy used in an evaporative cooling system is for the ventilation system fans and the small internal water pump within the unit.

An evaporative cooling installation typically consumes less than 10% of the electricity of an equivalently rated refrigeration based cooling system. Return on investment for industrial systems is usually between 2-5 years and can be as low as 6 months for environments where the cooling is required 24/7 e.g data centres.

The government’s chief medical adviser has told businesses to invest in better ventilation to improve health and safety within buildings in the longer term.

Professor Sir Chris Whitty recently said that improving the air quality in buildings would improve workers’ health in general and help to protect against future health emergencies, as well as aid recovery from the pandemic.

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry Conference, Whitty told business leaders to look closely at how they could improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in their buildings to provide better long-term working conditions for their employees.

“We have realised the extraordinary importance of improving the ventilation of workplaces, not just for Covid but also for many other respiratory infections,” he said. “If we invest in that now, we’ll both help the aftermath of Covid, but also cut down on things like ’flu outbreaks.”

Whitty added that investment in ventilation was the second most important step businesses could take behind helping their staff get fully vaccinated, and highlighted the direct link between poor IAQ and health conditions that put extra pressure on the NHS.

EcoCoolers are installed as part of a balanced mechanical ventilation system, exceeding all government recommendations on air changes per hour, keeping your employees and your products cool, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of COVID and other viral transmission. Cooled air is directed into the building using the EcoCooler’s inbuilt fan providing up to 3m3/s of air flow.   A range of simple filtration options are available to prevent external contaminants being brought into the building.  In addition to this, in many cases having a facility that has a cool, steady temperature can also help improve product stability.

Installation of ventilation based evaporative cooling can mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19 whilst keeping staff and machinery cool.

This proven solution is ideal for people, process or product cooling and is already being used in over 500 facilities throughout the UK including Greggs, Mizkan (was Premier Foods), Graze.

With a large stock of products and spares held in our Suffolk warehouse, UK based EcoCooling are in an ideal position to help companies who are not only looking for an efficient ventilation and cooling system but are also wanting to offer their employees a healthier and Covid-19 safer environment to work in.

At 10% of the running cost and a fraction of the installation cost of a refrigeration-based system, EcoCooling provides a simple, safe and low-cost method of keeping your factory cool, productive and COVID safe.

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Installation of ventilation based evaporative cooling can mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19 whilst keeping staff and machinery cool.