Where quality control is essential

Throughout the Food and Beveridge, Pharmaceutical and Medical industries robust cleaning procedures are implemented, microbial growth must be eliminated to ensure food production is not stalled by contamination. Pharmaceutical and medical facilities regularly quality assess their products for any indication that the products are not sterile. These increased cleaning procedures mean that a standard electrical enclosure isn’t enough.

The Tempa hygiene range is specifically designed to handle frequent and extreme cleaning practices. The roof of the enclosure is angled to prevent the accumulation of water droplets, water from the cleaning process contain microbes which can accumulate and result in contamination of food or pharmaceutical products. The sloped roof design ensures that water droplets do not have a platform to accumulate.

Additionally, the gasket that is incorporated into all of the hygiene range is not the standard polyurethane, instead a silicon gasket is employed. The molecular geometry of the silicon gasket means that it is more robust in high temperatures and extreme pH, the Tempa gasket can maintains integrity up to 200 degrees, thus allowing for heat-based cleaning procedures and accommodate virtually all cleaning products.

The increased durability and high compressibility of the silicon gasket is a contributing factor to the hygiene ranges IP66 rating and as well as the passing of the 69K test, which is characterised as high temperature (steam) protection class. This rating is essential in allowing pressurised cleaning of the panels, which is a routine part of the most cleaning processes in the sterile production facilities.

Within this range the enclosure, locks, hinges, and wall fasteners are all stainless steel, ensuring that the IP66 rating is justified and that the enclosure maintains its integrity under extreme pressures.

The hygiene range offers several specific design aspects, including internal door hinges to reduce external surface area for possible microbial accumulation sites, cylindrical wall fasteners to prevent water accumulation opportunities and a unique lock design which has been specifically designed for this new range, to allow for flow of water, lack of accumulation sites and negates the need for additional cleaning practices by the end user.

The Temp hygiene range has been designed with one goal in mind, to provide our end user with a durable, robust and effective enclosure, that can withstand any cleaning processes they can throw at it. To provide our end users with a product that they can trust in an industry where quality control is essential.