Reducing maintenance costs with the next generation of German engineered sugar dissolving fluid

LUBCON’s newly developed and H1 approved lubricant TURMOSOLV CLEAN is best in class when it comes to the combination of sugar dissolving properties and the protection of humans and machines. Our research and development team was able to formulate a unique product, which is effectively dissolving sugar residues while protecting the equipment from corrosion and reducing the risk of bacterial growth at the same time. The specifically low pH value of TURMOSOLV CLEAN does not irritate the human skin and helps to avoid microbial decay, leading to increased product safety and a prolonged machine life time.

Special properties of LUBCON TURMOSOLV CLEAN at a glance:

  • Dissolves sugar residues fast and efficiently
  • Prevents reforming of sugar accumulations
  • Reduces risk of bacterial growth
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Easy to handle as skin neutral with pH value 6
  • High stability and extended shelf life

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