Clean drinking water: Up to 70 % faster installation 

Installers will know this situation well: Looking for and sorting fittings, screws and other small parts, fetching various tools and measuring up etc. only to install a few water connections. This costs not just time but also money.

The pre-configured installation boxes from SANHA® address this issue: With them, installers can not only save up to 70 % installation time. The boxes come already equipped with sound and thermal insulation as well as condensation protection. In addition, the entire SANHA®-Box range for drinking water installations is made exclusively from silicon bronze (CuSi) lead-free system press fittings, which emits no harmful lead poisoning into the drinking water.

It is not just installers who benefit from using the SANHA®-Box. Building contractors are guaranteed that all parts adhere to specifications and enjoy shorter construction times in both existing and newly erected buildings, while consumers are provided with a lead- and mould-free, hygienic solution for their drinking water with excellent noise control.

The practical range comes in many versions: Preconfigured boxes are available for wash basins and sinks, baths and showers, and for water meter connections. The installation boxes are available for drywall as well as masonry construction.

The SANHA®-Box range is available at – register today and ask for individual conditions!

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