Protecting Critical Cabling for Food Processing Applications

With an increasing reliance on technology and automation to deliver efficiencies and operational safety, there has never been a more important time to protect potentially vulnerable cables within Food and Beverage processing environments.

Presenting numerous challenges regarding operating environments and processes, hazards can vary dramatically depending on the type of Food & Beverage Category. The continuous protection and integrity of Power and Data cabling however, is fundamental to eliminating downtime and maintaining output across all Categories.

To address this, Flexicon offer 10 Hygienic Flexible Conduit systems to mechanically protect cables whilst making cable installations faster, simpler and safer for food processing applications.

Says Neil Carter, UK & Ireland Sales Director for Flexicon: “Flexible conduit is a superior and more cost-effective means of protecting and interconnecting power and data cables compared to traditional cable gland installations, since several cables can be grouped together and mechanically protected within a single cable entry point.”

“It means that installations are simpler, faster and save space because for every entry, only one fitting is needed per conduit, compared to one gland for every cable. Fewer cable entry points means less potential points of failure regarding ingress during wash down or cleaning. Future maintenance is also reduced since existing circuits can be replaced, upgraded or added with minimal disruption.”

“In the face of many potential hazards to cables, including corrosion due to chemicals, temperature changes or potential ingress of water or dust, it is vital that equipment remains operational.  Failure of any cabling could lead to downtime, quality issues or potentially even safety issues. It is imperative that any system does not create potential hazards such as the build-up of micro-organisms and bacteria”

Flexicon’s Hygienic Conduit solutions have been designed in accordance with EN 1672-2 and EN ISO 14159, with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and finish that eliminates the build-up of bacteria and micro-organisms. Manufactured using grade 316L stainless steel, the range of hygienic fittings offers an excellent level of corrosion resistance, high thermal properties and chemical resistance. They feature smooth surfaces and incorporate blue compression seals and a blue nut seal to prevent the ingress of food and bacteria. Ideally suited to applications requiring a high level of ingress protection (IP), with IP ratings of IP66, IP67, IP68 (2 Bar) and IP69 achievable, Flexicon’s Hygienic Conduit systems offer space saving and reliability for the routing and termination of multiple cables.

Available in 16mm to 63mm options, with straight metric thread derivatives, the Hygienic fittings are compatible with Flexicon Hygienic conduits which are manufactured from FDA approved ingredients which have been independently tested to European Food regulation 10/2011.

The flexible conduits in the Hygienic range all have a smooth cover for easy cleaning, are flexible for simple routing and/or dynamic installations and have a reinforced construction for good compression strength. The ranges include non-metallic and metallic versions, with different colour options. The non-metallic version offers a temperature range of -20° to +90° and the metallic offer has a temperature range of -20° to +105°. The metallic range also features a version with an internal braid layer which can offer EMC performance and there are two systems which have UL listing and NSF 169 compliance for use in splash zones.

Flexicon are members of EHEDG – a non-profit consortium of equipment manufacturers dedicated to ensuring the hygienic design and maintenance of food production systems worldwide. EHEDG membership highlights Flexicon’s status as a proven and trusted supplier dedicated to providing safe cable protection solutions for food and beverage production environments.

Flexicon can offer over 60 different Flexible Conduit Solutions to protect safety and performance critical cabling. These products are featured in the new Hygienic Guide to Cable Protection from Flexicon. Contact us now for further details.

For further information including a knowledge tutorial, product datasheets or to see a product sample please contact Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HG.  Tel:  +44(0)1675 466900 or Email

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