WSCAD SUITE X PLUS: Work-From-Home Special

WSCAD SUITE X PLUS comes with modern technologies like augmented reality, multi-threading and automation and includes a broad set of new features, significantly improved quality and it can be customized to your specific needs. This is exactly the electrical CAD software that you have been waiting for. There is a lot to love – especially the price!

Test the free demo version now:

The corona virus is still present in Europe. In order to slow down the spread, schools and day-care centres have been closed in large areas. People are still urged to stay at home and avoid social contact.

This confronts companies with enormous challenges. They have a responsibility to protect employees and support parents.

We at WSCAD take this responsibility very seriously. Most of our employees are still working from home.

With our Work-from-home Special we also support our users in making engineering work at home office possible.

You already own a WSCAD network license: The latest WSCAD network licenses already feature the so-called “loan function”. Our support team will explain to you how to use this in order to be able to work with your WSCAD license from any location.

You still need a WSCAD network license: Buy a new WSCAD single user license and receive a 50% discount on the upgrade to a network license until March 31, 2021, including online installation service for borrowing the license.

With the borrowing function you can use the WSCAD software from anywhere – even from your home office.

Save now up to 50%!

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