IP68-rated Fans for Food & Beverage Equipment

Cleanliness and sanitization of equipment is vital for food safety in food and beverage applications. When production downtime for cleaning threatens the supply chains for products and services that society depends on, solutions must be found. The ability to clean equipment while in service without requiring extensive downtime or disassembly is critical to productivity and commerce. IP68-rated components permit the cleaning of food and beverage equipment to prevent contamination.

Components exposed to harsh environments, including fluids and cleaning chemicals, are susceptible to failure over time, with cooling fans being no exception. The classification of the insulation system is based on the lowest rated component in the system, and in many instances, this may be the fan. The materials and parts specified in the construction that affect the insulation class include the motor winding, the wire and the insulation on the wires, the enamel coating on the magnet wire, as well as the visible parts of the fan or fan tray such as the frame and impeller.

IP Rating System

Equipment used in food and beverage applications, from commercial kitchen appliances and fountain drink dispensers to automation equipment in the manufacturing process, employ fans that require regular intensive cleaning with both high pressure and high temperature water. Washdown procedures prevent debris or microbial bacteria from forming to ensure public safety.

Traditionally, fans were vulnerable to damage from intensive cleaning due to their electronic circuitry and moving parts. Recent developments in conformal coating technologies have enabled Orion Fans to develop advanced IP68-rated fans impervious to dust and indefinite water immersion. IP68-rated fans offer additional protection from elements, especially when combined with louvered fan guards and specialty filters.

Orion Fans recently launched twenty three new IP68-rated AC & DC fan series offering engineers design variety and flexibility to meet most any application requirement. With air flows ranging from 14 to 1300 CFM, these IP68-rated fans are designed to maximize air movement and heat dissipation to extend electronic component and system operating life in Food and Beverage processing environments. The IP68-rated fans are available in sizes from 60mm to 280mm. Special functions are also offered to meet application demands including alarm, tachometer, thermistor speed control, temperature sensor and more. For more information on Orion Fans’ IP68-rated fans, visit


In the next few months, Orion Fans will be introducing a line of IP69K-rated AC & DC fans for high pressure washdown applications. The IP69K rating ensures that no damage will occur to electronics during washdown procedures and that no contaminants will enter the fan motor. For more information on the eighteen new series of IP69K-rated fans, visit: https://orionfans.com/group.php?name=IP69K-Rated-Fans&k=22

Orion Fans are designed to meet UL, cUL, TUV, VDE and CE standards

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