The ultimate eBook on standing safety available now from COBA Europe

COBA Europe has published #StandUpForHealth an informative resource for Health and Safety professionals presenting the latest facts, figures and guidance to help make prolonged standing (and sitting) in the workplace a safer, healthier and more comfortable experience. It can be downloaded for free from the safety matting manufacturer’s website.

The eBook, compiled by COBA Europe’s team of workplace safety matting experts, looks at the scale of the problem of work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) as well as other health conditions linked to prolonged standing and sitting, and sedentary lifestyles in general.

It includes some of the latest UK and European MSD statistics, examining the impact they, and other health conditions, are having on personal suffering and wellbeing, as well as absenteeism and lost productivity to business and the greater economy. It is a real concern given that MSDs are reportedly the most common work-related condition in the EU and some 50% of the population are expected to be affected by 2030.

There are other new features too. The latest edition of #StandUpForHealth includes an informative ‘Expert Opinion’ from Krishna Gohill on behalf of The College of Podiatry. Krishna is a Specialist Podiatrist with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry. Her feature discusses some of the common problems associated with prolonged standing while giving guidance about the importance of monitoring and maintaining foot health.

The results of COBA Europe’s latest ‘Standing at Work Survey’ are also featured in the eBook to gain a greater understanding of health problems arising from prolonged standing. The survey involved Health and Safety Managers, as well as others in senior management roles, across a variety of sectors from large multi-nationals to SME sized companies. The results make interesting reading.

Health conditions associated with more sedentary professions, such as office work where prolonged sitting is normal, can include back ache, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and muscle degeneration. Changing posture regularly and moving around is recommended.

But it’s not just sitting that carries risks; prolonged standing (especially on hard floors) can lead to foot ailments, lower limb MSDs, back pain and circulatory issues such as varicose veins. It is one of the reasons why anti-fatigue mats are now popular in factory, retail and catering environments, to help take the pressure off standing.

Such health risks should not be ignored and #StandUpForHealth gives practical advice on what can be done to help prevent them, with workplace tips for ‘safer standing’ and ‘safer sitting’.

As one of Europe’s largest and most established workplace safety matting manufacturers, COBA has for the last 40 years been in the business of promoting the importance of safe and comfortable standing. Such is the company’s commitment to this subject, COBA has commissioned several scientific studies which have been conducted by Loughborough University, and has developed anti-fatigue matting products on the back of such research.  COBA ‘never stands still’ and today offers an extensive range of anti-fatigue mats for a wide range of industries, to customers worldwide.

The #StandUpForHealth 2019 eBook can be downloaded for free.

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