Unifiller’s Servo Multi Depositor is the Solution to the Food Industry’s COVID-19 Workforce Shortage

Unifiller Systems, a global leader in portioning equipment and a subsidiary of the Linxis Group of Companies, designs and manufactures over 30 different depositors and pumps. The Servo Multi Depositor is the perfect solution for food and bakery plants looking into automated solutions for staffing or sanitation problems stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As with all of Unifiller’s machines, the Servo Multi is designed for a host of benefits, bringing convenience and efficiency to any food manufacturer looking to maintain high speed production rates. Its innovation was developed through decades of experience with pneumatic multi piston depositors and provides ease of use beyond any traditional piston depositor.

Unlike pneumatic depositors, the Servo Multi features programmable touch screen controls, capacity to store 100 recipes, and six depositing modes to choose from. It also possesses a built-in ability to control a pan conveyor or act as a slave to an automated conveyor-based production system to add further efficiency to the overall production process. Gentle portioning ensures product integrity with little to no breakdown.

The Servo Multi is also compatible with the full range of Unifiller nozzles. It can be integrated into a nozzle bridge with computer controlled 1.75” diving action over a conveyor to deposit flow-able products into shells, pans, and other applications. Available in 6, 8, 10, and 12 nozzle configurations with a large deposit range from 0.3 to 10 oz. (10 to 299 ml) per nozzle, the Servo Multi is able to achieve smaller minimum portions than most other pneumatic depositors.

Sonia Bal, Director of Marketing at Unifiller Systems, weighs in on the benefits of turning to automated equipment. “There are growing factors impacting the way food producers work. Over the years, changes in minimum wage, fewer people entering the trades, and boomers transitioning to retirement, have all led to the need for more automation. More recently, COVID-19 has demonstrated that businesses are heavily impacted when staff are difficult to retain due to health and safety concerns. The current pandemic has been eye-opening. Automating what was previously done by hand – for example, using the Servo Multi for large-scale product depositing – can simplify a business’ daily operations.”

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