Industrial Cleaning

The Preparation Group has an extensive range of equipment, accessories, dust extraction and services for refurbishing, removing, cleaning or polishing a wide range of internal and external surfaces. The one-stop-shop for cost effective, clean, environmentally friendly solutions, we sell and hire equipment, plus stock a huge range of accessories for next day delivery.

The range includes Diamond Grinders, Planers, Multi-stripping machines, Shotblasters, Burnishers and Vacuums from large industrial machines down to small hand tools. Our equipment is manufactured here in the UK, tried and tested for high performance and reliability. The company also provides equipment repairs, maintenance and servicing by skilled, experienced engineers for all makes & models of surface preparation equipment, cleaning machines and dust extractors.

Industrial Cleaning

Factories, warehouses, Food and drink processing and packaging Plants and other types of industrial facilities.

When cleaning factories, warehouses, food plants and other types of industrial facilities, there are challenges. Not least the safety aspects of working in an environment that may contain hazardous chemicals, metal shavings or combustible debris, but also the fact that machinery in situ is often sensitive to dust and dirt.

Effective dust control

It is important that informed decisions are made upon the choice of dust extraction and control. Whilst the risks vary depending on what material is being removed there are solutions for all applications, dry or wet. Airborne particles can be prevented entirely, making the operation safe for the operator whilst safeguarding sensitive equipment.

For light applications on dust or ‘swarf’, a single motor vacuum with a small bin capacity should be suitable for the task. For mid to large operations, models with 2 or 3 motors that are individually powered, allow the operator to select the level of power required.

For situations where dust is critical or where toxic and hazardous substances are present, there are vacuums that feature a Longopac® Safe Bagging System such as the PPC 202DSLP. Here, instead of a bin, dust and solid material is collected into a continuous anti-static feeding bag which is twisted and sealed by the operator into bags for disposal. This gives the operator confidence that airborne particles are safely contained.

When there is a need to vacuum both liquids/slurry and dry materials, there are dual purpose models available. The M450 dry/wet vacuum for example, allows the operator to switch between dry and wet operations with no compromise to suction levels and without the need to change the filter.


GoGreen Cleaning

The Preparation Group’s Storm Diamond Pads, used with the Burnisher 430, STG450 or other conventional Rotary or Scrubber Dryer, produce an eco-friendly GoGreen deep clean and maintain hard floors. Offering an alternative to traditional mopping with chemicals, the pads are designed to be used with just water and they are washable and re-usable providing an eco-friendly, cost-effective, sustainable choice. The pads clean and polish floors at the same time, avoiding the potential build-up of chemicals and the need to recoat surfaces with environmentally unsound waxes or polishes.

Storm Diamond Pads are double-sided and if washed and stored correctly, they have up to a 60,000m2 life expectancy.

Contracting Services

The Preparation Group’s contracting division is the largest operating in the UK with highly skilled qualified teams, who manage and complete the works on a wide range of projects when upgrading premises and external areas. Services include; removing coatings, screeds adhesives and laitance on new concrete, stripping out old floor coverings, tiles and woodblock, line removal, polishing concrete, resin and cementitious floors and surface re-texturing to provide anti-slip properties. We also can restore, rejuvenate and clean existing resilient flooring. We have prepared millions of square meters of surfaces over the last 29 years. Customers can rely on our expertise and professionalism to get the right results whatever the project.