Reduce breakages using paper protective packaging

The team at Protega are passionate about helping their customers become more sustainable in the way they package their goods.  One of Protega Global’s most recent successes has been the development of HexcelWrap, a ‘paper’ equivalent to bubble wrap.

HexcelWrap paper is supplied as a flat sheet and then becomes three dimensional by stretching it.  It can be effortlessly wrapped around products and the protective layers build up to offer protection at least as good as plastic bubble!

Hexcel is dispensed from a small manual tensioning device which can be deployed anywhere, without the requirement for electricity.  HexcelWrap is easy stretch and easy tear.  Once stretched around the product you simply tear the paper, and the paper interlocks on itself negating the need for self-adhesive tape. Not only does this reduces plastic use but also reduces pack times by up to 50%.   With no adhesive tape to remove it also makes it easier for your customers to unwrap your products and recycle the HexcelWrap packaging.

The use of HexcelWrap is spreading rapidly as more companies seek a sustainable alternative to bubble. Hexcel is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and owing to its compact size has a small carbon footprint compared to plastic bubble wrap.

Another of Protega Global’s innovations is our unique paper cushioning machine. This machine has been designed with a very small footprint and can be placed on a packing bench, or on its own height adjustable stand.

Protega paper cushioning is very robust and has been proven to reduce transit breakages by 65% for clients representing a huge cost saving and improved customer ratings.

The Protega machine can be integrated into packing lines for maximum efficiency and one of its unique features is it can dispense paper cushioning into overhead storage hoppers.

If you would like to find out more about our eco-friendly paper packaging the team at Protega Global would be delighted to help you.  Protega is a family run business with a passion for customer satisfaction.  We are continuously innovating and improving our sustainable offering, within the framework of our ISO9000 and ISO14001 accreditations.

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