Inspection of Infrastructure in Manufacturing Facilities – Including Potentially Hazardous Areas

It is always difficult to predict rates of corrosion in manufacturing facilities; so making sure you have the right tools to perform regular inspections is vital.  No business wants to face the prospect of ‘down-time’ due poorly maintained equipment.

But the major inconvenience of down-time isn’t the only potential issue manufacturers face; equipment that hasn’t been regularly inspected may well be underperforming and thereby reducing production capacity – which could lead to an increase in production costs and/or lower the quality of products and services.  Another very important factor is safety; poorly maintained equipment can lead to injuries or even the loss of life.

Cygnus Instruments Ltd is a leading and trusted UK manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauges, used by Engineers worldwide for nearly 40 years – to perform regular inspections of equipment and machinery.

At the heart of Cygnus Instruments’ reputation for reliability and accuracy lies the Cygnus-pioneered “multiple echo technique”.  By using three distinct return pulses of ultrasound, Cygnus thickness gauges will remove almost all possibility of error – and simultaneously read through protective coatings (up to 20mm).  Another key advantage of Cygnus multiple echo gauges is that they are also extremely simple to calibrate and use.

The “Cygnus 4+” is one of Cygnus’ best-selling units.  It is a highly reliable, extremely rugged and simple to use ultrasonic thickness gauge and is perfect for testing levels of wear and corrosion on industrial machinery, factory infrastructure, boiler tubes and pressure vessels.  This gauge has been rigorously tested to the most stringent specifications: drops from height onto concrete; extreme vibrations and; extreme temperatures – and is also completely environmentally sealed to IPX7 and IP6X.

While the Cygnus 4+ has been specifically designed to be easy to operate, it also has an excellent array of key features including: versatile measuring modes (multiple-echo, single-echo and echo-echo); an A-scan display that helps to verify true back wall readings in difficult measuring applications; data logging that stores up to 500,000 readings with their A-scans; and MSI™ which verifies stable and reliable readings.

The gauge has a large colour LCD display that can be viewed in all lighting conditions and the gauge body has been designed to be comfortable to hold and protects against bumps whilst offering maximum strength with its hard internal shell.

Cygnus Instruments is also the proud manufacturer of the world’s only thickness gauge that is truly Intrinsically Safe. The Cygnus 1 “I.S.” thickness gauge is certified to ATEX Marking Group I & Group II; CSA Class 1 Group A, B, C & D Division 1; IECEx Ex ia IIC T2/T3/T6 Ga, Ex ia I Ma. This means that the unit is ideal for use in Zone 0 and Zone 1 hazardous areas – and requires no plant shutdown for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, which exist in some dusty food manufacturing environments.

As with all Cygnus units, the Intrinsically Safe gauge is extremely easy to use and is highly ruggedized to withstand the wear and tear of use in a working environment.

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