Biopharma Group Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Biopharma Group is pleased to announce its 30th anniversary as a renowned organisation offering its expertise in the fields of freeze drying and processing technologies.

Established in 1989 as Biopharma Process Systems Ltd., the company initially focused on freeze drying equipment to the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries and fast became a leading supplier of equipment in the UK & Ireland. In 1997, Biopharma Technology Ltd. was formed to offer a freeze drying R&D consultancy and lab services, with Dr. Kevin Ward joining the team in 2000 to expand the in-house expertise, services and training courses.

Since its inception, Biopharma Group has become recognised for its customer focused approach to project solutions; adapting to meet their needs including adding products and services such as in-house technical servicing engineers, developing analytical instruments, training courses and collaborating on research projects with the likes of Marie Curie ITN SNAL. Now in its thirtieth year, Biopharma Group has become a leader in the provision of processing technology too, having expanded the equipment portfolio to include ranges from SP Scientific, Genevac, Avestin, PennTech, Cuddon Freeze Dry, Sepiatec, Kinematics & Controls Corp. and Faster Air s.r.l.

“Biopharma Group has been successful at evolving and developing in order to meet our clients needs, especially in the past 5-7 years, which has seen Biopharma Group grow its product portfolio, establish dedicated divisions in France, the USA and Ireland as well as joining forces with our sister company, Crowthorne Group, taking the team from 30 up to 85” said Charis Hickey, Group Marketing Manager. “Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering products and services that best match project requirements to make them a success, and being available to offer support thereafter.”

The Biopharma Group team consists of experienced scientists and dedicated product specialists to offer scalable product, R&D consultancy, lab services, analytical instruments and lyophilisation training course solutions and packages that are versatile for any size organization.

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