Dec Group offers customized food manufacturing solutions

Powder handling plays a major role in a number of applications in the food processing industry. Many of the challenges faced are similar to other industries such as pharma, where the end product is ingested. From charging powder into vessels for sauce production or blending various powders for producing instant beverages, powders in various shapes and characteristics must be handled under strict controlled conditions without altering their properties.

Since many years Dec Group has been supplying innovative technologies well suited for the food industry, from raw material handling, milling, and blending to final packaging. Guaranteeing the handling of intermediate and final products under safe conditions without changes of product characteristics and according to the latest regulations.

Dec Group offers various solutions to fill and discharge any types of packaging from bags, drums and big-bags with various level of containment from OEB 1 to OEB 6. The various systems are modular and are adaptable to various product characteristics.

The Dec Group PTS Powder Transfer System® can be used for multiple applications in the food industry. It is an exceptionally effective and reliable method of transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules. The system is a significant enhancement to any process, providing total containment where necessary, but always speeding up production whilst improving safety and hygiene.

Blending is also an essential process in the food industry. Dec’s PTS Batchmixer®, based on the PTS Powder Transfer System® technology, was developed to mix ingredients in a self-contained system, allowing contamination free and product friendly mixing with no rotating mechanical parts, in batch mode. Various powders with large differences in mixing ratios (1/10.000) or different properties such as bulk density, particle size etc. can be homogeneously mixed in a short time.

Dec Group is working together with professionals on major issues in today’s modern food industry, improving food manufacturing for people with food allergies and developing a technology which prevents food contamination by microorganisms. Some of these improvements include a novel technology that decontaminates heat sensitive powder using steam and vacuum.

From their extensive expertise in the powder handling industry, Dec Group can provide a wide range of technical support to their customers for their specific process development and optimization. Dec Group also offers testing facilities to make sure to obtain the required results or to master scale-up challenges.

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