Nozzle protection for crate washers

Hygiene plays a major role in the food and beverage sector. Breweries, mineral springs, soft drink manufacturers or dairies, that work with deposit systems, use crate washers to clean plastic crates. The BOLLFILTER Automatic self-cleaning Type 6.18 BWM protects the nozzle system from blocking, improving both machine reliability and cleaning quality of the crates. Click read more to find out how and which key Food & Drink suppliers have benefited using BOLLFILTER.


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Protection of the high pressure spray nozzle systems with BOLLFILTER

Maximum spray nozzle protection. Minimal operating costs.

Cleaning crates cost-efficiently and reliably: Operating and maintenance costs are reduced to the minimum thanks to BOLLFILTER self-cleaning filtration system. Protecting your cleaning nozzles is our priority.

The BOLLFILTER automatic type 6.18 protects the high pressure spray nozzle system from blocking and simultaneously increases the cleaning quality of the crates. At the same time, the maintenance effort and the risk for unscheduled failures are reduced.

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High performance is our standard

  • Improved crate cleaning results
  • Prevents spray nozzle blockages
  • Reliable operation of crate washer
  • Reduced maintenance
  • reduced operating costs

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