Protect food safety & increase workplace safety

Food & beverage industries account for almost 24% of all manufacturing injuries according to EU OSHA. While workplace safety and compliance is a high priority in the industry, food safety always comes first. Now they can go hand in hand, thanks to a wide range of industrial safety identification solutions with low contamination risk from Brady.

With Brady solutions you will:

  • increase workplace safety: easily inform coworkers where it matters about which PPE to wear, procedures to follow, where to walk safely and much more
  • protect food safety: use our identification solutions with low contamination risk like ToughWash washdown resistant signs and labels, adhesive pipe markers and low linting spill control
  • increase compliance: comply with directives on workplace safety and protection of the environment

Protect food safety and increase workplace safety

With our industrial grade identification and safety solutions, food & beverage plants can prevent a great number of workplace accidents. Signs are available to warn coworkers about danger and inform them about the PPE they should wear. With floor marking pedestrian and vehicle traffic can be organised in separate and safer traffic lanes, during maintenance moving objects and valves can be locked with Lockout/Tagout, and spills can be prevented from spreading over the workfloor with spill control solutions.

Discover all solutions to increase workplace safety while protecting food safety in Brady’s free food & beverage identification guide!



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