OPEC is a manufacturer and supplier of water treatment technologies and water treatment chemicals.

In the food and drink sector OPEC has specialised in the removal of ‘Fats Oils and Greases’ known as ‘FOGs’. OPEC has adapted its core technique of surface oil removal and separator systems to work more efficiently with FOGs which have historically been difficult to deal with.

By utilising OPEC’s FOG recovery system factories benefit from reduced contamination to the next phase of water treatment and subsequently greatly reduce on costs such as chemical usage, sludge in tanks, pipe blockages and waste disposal. This also can lead to cleaner water to the sewer and possible reductions in water rates.

The systems can be purpose built primary water treatment facilities or retro-fitted to existing effluent treatment assets such as; pump sumps, interceptors, fat traps, balance tanks, buffer tanks, settlement ponds, lagoons and other.

If your factory has on going issues with FOG please contact us for more information on how we can help.



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