Food Storage Monitoring Made Easy with FilesThruTheAir

Temperature monitoring specialist FilesThruTheAir’s range of WiFi-connected temperature and humidity loggers revolutionises food storage monitoring through its easy-setup, remote Cloud access and automated email alert system.

Whether it’s frozen, refrigerated or dry foods your business needs to store safely, monitoring your facility’s temperature and humidity can be vital in ensuring industry standards are upheld. According to HACCP guidelines, it is essential to keep and maintain records of adherence to food storage legislation and record any breaches that may have occurred.

Why not  handle this all in one place with the online EasyLog Cloud platform?

FilesThruTheAir’s WiFi Data Logging ranges (EL-MOTE and EL-WiFi) work with the EasyLog Cloud to monitor temperature and relative humidity in a wide range of applications, including the storage of frozen, refrigerated and dry foods.

The EasyLog Cloud is an online platform giving you the ability to monitor and manage multiple or single wireless data loggers in different locations completely remotely.

With the Cloud, you can view, analyse and export data from your devices anytime, from anywhere. Why visit your facilities at inconvenient times when you can view data in real time, set up periodical summary reports, as well as receiving email alerts if any pre-set temperature zones are breached right to your PC, tablet or smartphone.

FilesThruTheAir’s two WiFi-connected, Cloud-enabled, data logger ranges EL-MOTE and EL-WiFi.

The EL-MOTE range offers a discrete, screen-less logger with local visual and audible  alarm able to measure temperature and humidity. It’s two-year battery life and water resistant rating makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

The EL-WiFi range offers a small device with a 45 x 45mm LCD screen to display live data while also recording information and uploading information to the Cloud at a frequency chosen by you. The device has a rechargeable battery of around six months from one charge and configurable high and low alarms that work with the EasyLog Cloud to be emailed directly to the user.

Both ranges come with a wide variety of hardware options including ambient temperature devices, probe attachments and thermocouple probes for extended range temperature monitoring. The EL-WiFi range is also available in a 21CFR option which works with the 21CFR FilesThruTheAir Cloud to include full system audit and authority level sign-off features to assist your business in achieving 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

Both of the FilesThruTheAir WiFi ranges are already being used to simplify and streamline the safe storage of food in a variety of businesses. Their products are currently being used in monitoring the storage of ice lollies, cheese, seafood, and pub ingredients.

“They save me having to attend the premises when the factory is closed just to check temperatures.” – Gary Hodgson, Venture Seafoods, where the EL-WiFi-TP is monitoring both seafood storage chillers and freezers.

“I researched many loggers and companies, and I couldn’t find a better option than FilesThruTheAir and the EL-MOTE.” – Karis Gesua, LICKALIX Ice Lollies, where the EL-MOTE-TP monitors their freezer storage externally using a probe.

“Using the EL-WiFi Temperature and humidity sensors saves our chef time every day as he doesn’t have to stop what he’s doing and to do his fridge and freezer temperature checks every few hours.” – Richard Bird, Pub Manager at The Royal Oak pub, where the EL-WIFI-TP and EL-WIFI-TH have been monitoring the temperature and humidity of their dry store, refrigerator and frozen storage facilities.

To find out more about how FilesThruTheAir data loggers can optimise your food business, visit our website or contact the FilesThruTheAir team directly to discuss the options.


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