We don’t just sell our trolleys, we use them every day

The Euro Pumps FLX trolley is a mobile washing unit which can clean anything within a food production facility. Euro Pumps not only manufacture the FLX trolley we also use them every day in our own contract cleaning setting. Because we use it ourselves, we can ensure that your machine will work effectively for all the jobs that we say it will do.  A FLX trolley will wash, foam, do drain cleaning and unblocking, clean glycol units & floors just to name a few things.

So how does FLX work?

The FLX trolley is really quite simple:  It is a piston pump (Litres per minute can vary) which will give you the power to perform low, medium and high pressure cleaning. Having all three options means that you can do anything; including unblocking your drains which will save you $1000’s in plumbing costs into the future. It will also help you maintain your drains to a standard that will help with eliminating LISTERIA. With a Euro Pumps FLX trolley in house drain maintenance is so easy you can integrate it into your PM schedule and clean them on a regular basis.

Sized to suit your needs

Electric motor size will vary, depending on which pump (Litres per minute) you decide suits your requirements and depending on size of motor will be a 20 AMP plug or a 32 AMP plug. The water inlet is customized to your site, with a camlock fitting or Chicago fitting, we will ask you what your end looks like and match it.

Get the tools and accessories you need

The FLX trolley comes with all the cleaning tools and accessories that you need to clean anything in your factory (Not the drain hose as this is customized to your plant and drains, otherwise it is useless).

On-Site or Online training

With your trolley you will have access to our online training centre which has thousands of videos, photos and learning schedules that will help with your training into the future.  An additional option is for on-site training which can be provided by myself, I am experienced (20+ years) in the cleaning field, with a particular focus on saving time and water reduction.

Maintenance and Servicing options

Servicing your FLX unit can be done any way you like:  we can train your people, we do the service with our technician, or we send you a spare pump in rotation and service your machine on the bench in our workshop and then send back to you. Every plant is different and we work with each one of our customers.

If you are thinking of improving, your cleaning ask me about an onsite Trial with a FLX unit or cleaning review. We can consult on speed, better micros and water and labour saving. If you would like to know more, please give me a call on +61 (0) 409 123 850 or or send me an email jo@europumps.com.au

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