Always at the forefront of innovation, MacLellan Rubber have launched a metal detectable Nitrile rubber that performs better than Silicone equivalents with exceptional mechanical performance at a competitive price!

Designed specifically for the Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Cosmetics industries, our new metal detectable Nitrile rubber is available as cured sheet rubber for gasket cutters or uncured compound for moulders and extruders.

The Nitrile material, which has been developed with our European manufacturing partners, advances the elimination of contamination by the polymer into the process through the early detection of particle contamination, but also through eradication of leachable Nitrosamine carcinogenic compounds found in many standard polymers.

The MacNetic product has been independently certified to EU1935:2004 and independently certified metal detectable, free from Animal Derived Ingredients (ADI) and Nitrosamine free. Full manufacturing batch tests and release certificates are available on request.

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber, said: “Our MacNetic Blue Metal Detectable Rubber is a Nitrile compound which is proven to have better resistance to animal and vegetable oils and fatty acids, better wear resistance and better steam resistance than Silicone equivalent materials. It offers unique features that are not available from other manufacturers of Food Quality materials. “

He added: “An increasing number of gasket and seal manufacturers have placed orders for our MacNetic metal detectable nitrile rubber to replace their current holding of standard Food Quality materials or Silicone MD product.”

The material has already been specified by several major food processors and MacLellan Rubber are working hard to have it recognised as the material of choice for replacement seals and gaskets in current operating equipment and with OEMs for new equipment installations.

To request a material sample and test its magnetic properties call the Team on 01902 307711. For more information about our Blue Metal Detectable Nitrile Rubber product visit: