GEA MaxiFormer: the best technology for better products

The drum forming of chicken, pork and meat replacement products is not new; it’s been a standard technique in food processing for many years now. But perfecting it? … that really is different. The new GEA MaxiFormer has been designed by GEA to solve many of the problems traditionally associated with drum forming. By fully understanding the whole process, including the critical grinding, chilling and filling operations, GEA has made detailed but important changes to the technology, that have a big effect on the final product.


Raising the bar in high volume drum forming…
In developing the new MaxiFormer, GEA has partnered with vacuum filling market leader Handtmann to achieve more accurate filling with less wastage, creating a high-quality formed product with excellent structure retention using the minimum of power. One of the new key features is the innovative step-filling system (patent pending) that manages the communication between the Handtmann filler and the former to minimize the pressure used and to fill each cavity carefully and progressively. This reduces wastage, improves filling accuracy, creates a higher quality formed product with excellent shape retention, and minimizes down time for cleaning. The unique drum design creates a more rigid structure that ensures consistent filling pressure across the entire width of the drum to allow more accurate filling. And the GEA MaxiFormer is not only available in the 600 execution…

…to 250.000 nuggets per hour

GEA has also introduced the world’s first 1000 mm-wide drum-forming machine that maximizes capacity up to 250.000 nuggets per hour, while providing denser loading and reducing the risk of doubles that affect the quality of the final product.

More than just technology

Perfecting the technology is important, but GEA knows that its customers need much more. What really matters is the whole package; bringing consultancy, testing, technology, processing know-how, training and committed lifetime support together to provide the ultimate partnership. GEA has a network of experienced technicians to provide installation, maintenance and spare parts service worldwide. Throughout the entire lifetime of a plant, GEA stays close, helping customers, fine tuning processes, and keeping a watchful eye over their production. The finest technology backed by engineering excellence worldwide.
It’s simply better.