Introducing the new RHT Climate, from Novus Automation.

The RHT Climate is Novus’ brand new relative humidity and temperature transmitter, capable of transmitting both values via 2 analog outputs (0-10V or 4-20mA) or RS485, and includes 2 digital alarms and 1 buzzer alarm output.

The RHT Climate measures temperature between -40 and +100°C, relative humidity from 0 to 100% (non-condensing) and dew point. In addition, the unit can also measure and display psychrometric properties. The RHT-Climate-WM (£93.50) and RHT-Climate-WM-485-LCD (£106.00) are wall mounted models with a built-in ambient sensor.

The RHT-Climate-WM-485-LCD includes both RS485 communications and a wide 4.5 digit backlit LCD display on the transmitter head.

Please note, the WM model only measures temperatures temperature up to +60°C.

The RHT-Climate-DM (from £100.50) is the duct mounted model of the RHT-Climate, with a variable length stainless steel probe (probe length can be specified as 150mm, 250mm, 400mm).

The RHT-Climate-DM can come with additional RS485 communications, or both RS485 communications and an LCD display on the transmitter head.

The RHT-Climate is responsive (with a sample rate of 3 seconds) and accurate to ±0.2°C for temperature and ±1.8% for relative humidity, with 0.1°C / % resolution. In addition, the Climate is suitable for general use in HVAC-R applications.

The RHT sensor (£30.50) can be replaced and additional sensor filter tips can be used to increase the protection of the sensor from it’s standard IP30 rating. The transmitter head unit is protected to IP65 rating, with internal connection terminals protected by terminal glands.

Power is provided via a low voltage 12-30Vdc power supply. Additionally the unit can also be powered via USB during PC-based configuration.

Configuration can be performed using Novus’ free NXperience software (for Windows) via USB or on-board using the tactile keys (LCD models only).

The RHT-Climate is available to order now from Instrumentation Systems and Services Ltd. For more information, you can phone us on 01132 591464, email us at or view our website at

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