STEGO the “Thermal Management“ experts go beyond just climatisation. A new technology development will enable action before a problem arises – this is also known as “predictive maintenance” or “Condition Monitoring“.

With our new Smart Sensor CSS 014 STEGO offer a “plug and play“ product for monitoring installations, including remote monitoring, which allows an immediate response to unwanted changes. The sensor detects the ambient temperature and humidity. The recorded data then is converted into a standardized analog 4-20 mA signal and passed on to a control and monitoring unit. The control unit interprets the signal and initiates appropriate measures.


  • Sensor, interface and transmitter in one
  • Wide temperature and humidity measuring range (-40 to +60 °C / 0 to 100 % RH)
  • High accuracy
  • Easy DIN clip or screw mounting
  • Quick connection with M12 connector
  • Small size (140 x 40 x 38 mm)

The Smart Sensor CSS 014 is not only suitable for installation in enclosures or control cabinets, it can also find use in a variety of applications (application areas according to IEC 61010-1/DIN EN 61010-1).

Visit the STEGO website  for in-depth technical specifications. We are also happy to provide further information to you via e-mail. Please send a message to