NEW GIS GPR Hoist for the Bulk Bag Food Industry

LTM offer solutions for a range of special applications to various industries, in particular for hoisting applications within the food preparation industry and for use with bulk bag handling machines.

The GPR Corrosion resistant hoist is well-suited for lifting applications in food or pharmaceutical production, wash-down, environmentally-controlled and harsh corrosive processing environments.

The GPR supersedes the GCHR series, with our Swiss based electric chain hoist manufacturer GIS AG having revolutionised its GCH series with the introduction of the GP range in 2017. This is the fourth generation of electric chain hoist manufactured by GIS AG since 1957.

Available in standard capacities up to a safe working load of 1250kg, the food grade corrosion resistant chain hoist features highly sealed IP65 bearings and covers, food grade lubrication for the load chain and gearbox, stainless steel hooks and load chain whilst the hoist body has a special Electrophoresis KTL plated finish.

Chain lubrication that is resistant to water washout and ensures excellent lubrication for machinery over a wide range of operating temperatures of between -20 to 150 degrees centigrade.

GIS Push or Powered Travel Trolleys can also be offered with the option of stainless steel Wheels, KTL finish on the side plates and protection class IP65, which enhances use within food factory applications.

Anyone interested in our new GIS GP product range is encouraged to contact the sales team for more information

Tel: +44 (0) 151 649 0467

Twitter: @LiftTurnMove



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