Monition have been the market leader in providing bespoke reliability and condition monitoring services for processing and manufacturing establishments from around the world

For over 30 years and with extensive ties to the food manufacturing industry and in particular Europe’s largest food manufacturing site, Monition have been the market leader in providing bespoke reliability and condition monitoring services for processing and manufacturing establishments from around the world. Working in close proximity with a wide-range of industries ranging from food processing to petrochemical refinement, Monition have in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced within process management and maintenance operations, meaning Monition have the expertise to deliver targeted services to achieve customers’ objectives by utilising business process standards such as Lean manufacturing, ISO5500, IS014224. By using developed, structured and scalable implementation programmes, you can be sure your equipment is literally in the safest hands in the world.

The ever-increasing cost of maintenance and unacceptable high levels of machine down-time remains a serious disadvantage to the competitiveness of industry. Monition’s focused improvement projects have been designed for addressing these factors. With the development of smart technologies in reliability focused asset management Monition can explore new ways to drive down the cost of maintenance all the while increasing plant availability, improving maintenance and increasing efficiency.

Accredited to ISO 9001 quality standards­, and completely independent, Monition delivers a totally-managed condition monitoring and reliability improvement service through a team of highly experienced field engineers and industry accredited analysts.

Along with BiNDT (the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) level 3 accredited engineers and close ties with Manchester University and the Russell Group, Monition’s own training academy is carefully nurturing the engineers of tomorrow, today!

With extensive experience and investment in Research and Development with the intention of staying at the forefront of emerging technologies especially with the rise of the Industry 4.0 revolution, Monition develop and distribute bespoke measuring technology solutions that are constantly looking at advancing the world of reliability engineering.

As well as condition monitoring, reliability services, lubrication services, energy services and motion amplification services, Monition have also invested significantly in their world-class forensics laboratory. Specialising in the analysis of used lubricants by ICML certified professional chemists and offering analytical services for oils, greases, coolants, fuels, unknowns, debris and deposits, residues and build up, filters and swabs and much more, and with a huge range of techniques and test-slates to get the testing service you require, Monition really are taking routine laboratory analysis to the next level.

The Monition vision is simple, to make the world of manufacturing and processing healthier through meaningful innovation by actively seeking new and exciting ways to explore how to push the boundaries of reliability further and further.

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