X-Fresh™ Breathable Packaging Significantly Extends Produce Shelf Life

As the environmental debate around plastics and packaging continues, it is easy to forget the important part that packaging plays in not only protecting our foodstuffs, but also extending shelf life through the use of innovative packaging concepts. 

X-Fresh™ Breathable Packaging, produced using LasX Laser Sharp technology, is now available within the UK and Ireland as part of the new LasX portfolio available from Bromsgrove based TLM Laser.

We all expect our fresh produce to be just that when we pick it up from the supermarket shelves, but few realise that the way in which the produce is packaged has a significant impact on the shelf life of the pack contents.

Breathable packaging has been proven to be highly effective in preserving food products by improving the packaging atmosphere and controlling the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the package. Unlike mechanical methods or speciality films, laser processing is an affordable and flexible method of creating controlled breathable packaging.

(Breathable Packaging has proven to be highly effective in preserving food products)

X-Fresh™ technology for produce packaging combines both laser processing and patent-applied technologies to maximise shelf life beyond expectations. X-Fresh™ offers unmatched simplicity, performance and quality in providing an affordable Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) solution to a wide variety of breathable produce packaging types.

(Laser processing is an affordable method of creating controlled breathable packaging)

The LasX LaserSharp® technology used in these applications provides the ability to laser score to a controlled depth, or micro-perforate on any flexible film. Laser produced perforations are accurate and repeatable, unlike mechanically produced perforations which can be inconsistent in their profile and size. The many advantages of X-Fresh™ breathable packaging include a reduction in condensation, bacteria growth and gases inside the package. Produce therefore remains fresher for longer, whilst maintaining the flavour of the product.

( Laser perforations – Right – are always accurate and repeatable when compared to mechanically produced perforations – Left )


The ability to extend shelf life using this technology reduces losses for the retailer and also benefits the consumer, as less food is likely to be wasted once purchased. The technology works on any tray, pouch and flow wrap design and the number and size of the micro-perforated holes can be matched to specific products to provide the optimum solution for different food types. This is achieved through a simple software job selection rather than requiring lengthy tooling changes.

Extensive testing on a wide range of produce including: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus and garlic has shown that X-Fresh™ technology significantly outperforms traditional produce packaging.

The laser technologies used for these innovative packaging concepts are part of the comprehensive range of LasX laser processing systems which TLM Laser now have as part of their portfolio. These systems are able to cut, score and perforate a wide range of flexible packaging materials for applications across both “Breathable Packaging” and “Easy Open” applications.

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