Awarded “velvet glove” of automated dosing technology

Production planners in all industrial sectors face the same challenge: How to dose and fill solids-laden, filled, viscous materials gently? The keyword in this context is shear sensitivity. For example, with materials filled with pieces of fruit and vegetables in food production: Gentle handling is essential! The product properties of the materials to be processed must not be changed or damaged. The endless piston principle of ViscoTec’s dosing and filling systems is especially suitable for this applications and perfect dosing and filling results are guaranteed!

This type of progressive cavity pump conveys the material in a self-contained chamber volume. The combination of a hardened stainless-steel rotor and a soft elastomer stator ensures that even highly filled materials are gently dosed and conveyed. The sealing line between rotor and stator generates minimum shear on the material and at the same time provides a tightness without valve. This means that even abrasive materials with particles of high grain hardness can be dosed volumetrically exactly onto a component without increased wear.

The variable systems can be individually adapted to the needs of the customers. The systems ensure shear-sensitive handling from the material withdrawal out of the delivery containers up to the final application. This is indispensable for precise dosing and filling results as well as for the material specifications themselves and even saves material, waste and costs in quality assurance.

Hygienic dispenser awarded with the International FoodTec Award

Among other things, ViscoTec received an award for the shear sensitivity of its products. The specialist in dosing technology was awarded with the International FoodTec Award in silver, which was presented by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) at the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne.

ViscoTec convinced with its endless piston principle

Based on the well-established endless piston principle (progressive cavity technology) ViscoTec developed a dispenser which meets highest hygienic standards. The Hygienic Dispenser enables highly accurate and gentle dispensing and filling of minute quantities of fluids or highly viscous pastes in the food industry. Combined with robots or production machines, process-safe and automated solutions can be realized. Due to a compact design of the progressive cavity, e.g. chocolate or sugar icing can be easily dosed. With a minimum dosing quantity of 0.06 ml and an accuracy of +/- 1% ViscoTec dosing systems stand out in the market. The optional suck-back function guarantees a clean process – without dripping and with a perfect thread break. This concept can be applied in various applications in the food industry.

International FoodTec Award

The International FoodTec Award is awarded by the DLG in alignment with various experts and media partners. The award honors pioneering developments in the food technology with regards to innovation, sustainability and efficiency. An international jury with experts from science and practice selects the best concepts. Every 3 years, the DLG awards the gold and silver medals. The gold medal honors new product concepts which fundamentally change the function of the product as well as new or significantly improved process concepts. Developments, which enabled a significant improvement of a product function or a process, receive a silver medal.

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