ABB launches industry first anti-microbial conduit system for food and beverage manufacturers

ABB has launched the new Adaptaflex range of antimicrobial conduit system, designed to tackle the threat of bacterial infection on mechanical equipment in processing, within the food and beverage industry.

Faced with stringent health and safety standards within challenging environments –  from sub-zero to elevated temperatures – processors in the food and beverage industry fight a constant battle to ensure equipment operates efficiently, safely, and hygienically, without compromising valuable power and data connections. Cable protection systems like conduits and fittings, can in themselves become a home for bacteria and pose a direct threat to food manufacturing.

To tackle this problem ABB has formed a commercial partnership with antimicrobial protection experts, BioCote, to introduce a cable protection solution that integrates anti-microbial protection in to a new generation of liquid tight conduit. Featuring a smooth, food grade DuPont Hytrel® thermoplastic jacket, the metallic core conduit is complimented by, an industry first, single piece liquid tight 316 Stainless Steel fitting.

The antimicrobial additive contains inert ionic silver, which doesn’t react or change the appearance of the final product. Additionally it won’t diminish in extreme temperatures, such as steam or deep freeze. Crucially, the antimicrobial protection will not wear off or wash away, since it is incorporated during manufacture to form an integral aspect of the product. The bacteria cannot survive contact with the silver ions in the anti-microbial protection, in effect turning off the bacteria’s basic properties.

The range includes metallic antimicrobial covered conduit in sizes 16- 63mm, also available in respective US sizing 3/8” to 2”. Completing the range are respective sized Stainless Steel 316 fittings incorporating food grade material seals and one piece fit technology in both Metric and NPT threads. Additionally a range of 316 Stainless Steel accessories such as locking nuts and clips compliment the range.