BNL Launch New Industry Standard Bearings

Global leaders in food processing systems have been choosing BNL as their long-term partner for decades because they trust the high quality, long life and low wear rates of our products. Now our new moulded plastic range of bearings now offer our customers an 80% increase in performance over machined plastic bearings, through improved load, wear rate and feel.

BNL’s plastic bearings are reliable components for food processing applications where exposure to water and corrosive, chemical based substances is a concern. Our plastic moulded bearings also need no lubrication, so there is no risk of oils and greases leaching out into the processing line and contaminating produce.

Offering higher durability in harsh environments than a metal alternative, plastic bearings remove the inconvenience and cost of greasing or frequently replacing fatigued bearings.

We have years of expertise in design for food processing, developing features including double row and full complement properties, especially suitable for processing at a variety of loads and speeds. Additional benefits are reduced weight with improved load and speed capacity to alternative machined bearings, offering a real competitive advantage.

Our growing range of moulded industry standard size bearings can be found here:


BNL Plastic Bearing Material and Design Benefits

Acetyl is dimensionally stable when subject to a range of loads, showing excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance, low moisture absorption and offering low co-efficient of friction for excellent long-term wear performance.

BNL’s expert tool design and specialised processing technology, enables us to build on these material benefits to further improve bearing performance. Moulding our bearings, we equip the raceways of each bearing with a fine crystalline layer, increasing bearing life significantly and noticeably outperforming equivalent machined plastic bearings.

BNL (UK) Ltd

BNL (UK) Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke and standard plastic bearing solutions. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, BNL has offices globally in the USA, Japan and China with additional manufacturing sites in both Thailand and China.

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