Stonegrove Refrigeration

Multi-award winning Stonegrove Refrigeration Services Ltd are one of the leading independent refrigeration companies in the UK, with in-house expert capability to design, install, service and maintain all types of refrigeration systems. 

Stonegrove are experts in the field of Industrial Refrigeration, whilst also in the excellent position to be able offer a wide range of cooling solutions.  With a highly experienced and skilled team, we have specialists covering all aspects of temperature control in the spectrum of Industrial Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Being independent means that we are not tied to any one equipment manufacturer or supplier, so can provide the most suitable solution for your cooling needs.  Our project designs and installations have won awards for their practical approach to energy saving whilst meeting client’s budgets and programmes.

We offer a first-class professional service, successfully competing against the largest refrigeration organisations in the world.  We work to establish ourselves as a trusted partner, with our family business style approach, which enables us to retain clients in both the private and public sectors.  Our success is only possible due to the excellent staff we employ.  A large proportion of the engineers, office staff, design team and sales force have worked together for more than 20 years.  It is no accident that we enjoy higher than average industry levels of staff retention. This in itself helps to give the company stability, commitment and growth.

At Stonegrove we understand the importance of efficient operating costs, as well as managing capital expenditure.  With our team of specialists we can design, install, commission, service and maintain refrigeration plant to the highest quality.  Our experience and know-how gives us the flexibility to respond precisely to our customers’ requirements, tailoring a bespoke solution each time.  We strive to ensure that operational efficiency, energy reduction and compliance are met, whist achieving financial savings.  True energy efficiency requires continuous attention; it is no use just installing the most efficient plant, we have to ensure that it stays as efficient as possible over its working life.

Our service and maintenance teams look after all types of refrigeration systems to ensure optimum performance and reliability.  Every refrigeration system is unique and, irrespective of size or design, all systems require a customised maintenance schedule.  A correctly maintained refrigeration system will reduce energy costs, improve performance and minimise the risk of system issues.  As a critical element of any business using refrigeration, the importance of maintaining the equipment cannot be underestimated.  We tailor each Service & Maintenance contract to meet our customers’ needs, ensuring refrigeration systems run to the design conditions and operate efficiently.  Stonegrove offer coverage throughout the UK, with service support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

For all your food and beverage processing, storage, and distribution cooling requirements, speak to the expects. Either contact us on 01279 408690 or visit us at

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