Have you ever wished that the boring routine tasks would take care of themselves? With OVA, they will. In addition to routine automation and making work easier, you also meet the statutory requirements for self-monitoring. Efficient, automatic monitoring and continuous data collection and storing raise the reliability and quality of your operations to a whole new level. In self-monitoring systems, OVA is a label of excellence.

OVA covers all phases of operation

OVA is a full service solution for selfsupervision in all professional kitchens. It can be used to cover all monitoring steps from transport, goods receipt and warehousing all the way to manufacturing and service. For example, you can measure and monitor the following: cold and frozen stock temperatures, temperature and humidity in dry storages and workspaces, blast-chilling duration, reception of goods, cooking temperatures, dishwasher water temperatures during washing and rinsing, serving temperatures, surface hygiene and overall cleanliness. OVA is, therefore, not a mere temperature measuring device, but a complete selfsupervision system in an electronic format. The era of modern, but easy-touse digital services has now begun in professional kitchens.

Savings and better quality

The automated control system collects a large amount of valuable information, enabling operations to be easier to monitor and develop. Storage temperatures are not only scrutinised by the authorities, but also provide a means to save energy and money by ensuring that all raw materials are preserved in the correct way. The OVA system even allows you to predict the breakdown of a refrigeration appliance and thus prevent the damage altogether. As a result, you end up with better quality, lower costs, greater competitiveness and happier customers.

Full-service overall solution

OVA is a comprehensive solution and service, in which every last detail has been taken into account on your behalf. Calibration of the measuring equipment as per relevant standards is included in the service. Requirements mapping, selecting the right products, installation, deployment and training are all an integral part of the entity.

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