Dura Pump helps Greencore save £50,000 supporting ESOS legislation

The ESOS legislation outlined by the government requires large companies to carry out energy audits and review the total energy use from their business operations, ensuring compliance by 29th January 2016. Dura Pump has already started to help companies become compliant, more efficient and save money.

Dura Pump helped create the savings by specifying, supplying and installing a Danfoss Aquadrive. The team’s engineering expertise ensured that the amount of time pumps were operating was reduced by 50%.


Bradley Ford, Marketing Manager at Dura Pump, explains: “As companies such as Greencore need to prove that they are saving energy, we review the pumps that are in place, identify areas where energy is being wasted, and analyse where savings can be made. Payback times for our solutions are often as low as six months, with instant saving to be made.’’


“Greencore had a twin wash-down pump system with 7.5kW vertical multistage pumps running consistently at 25bar. This meant that the pump system was often running for no reason, and therefore over pressurised the system.


“Our team visited the site to analyse the system, and subsequently recommended the Danfoss Aquadrive inverter to control the pressure of the system and run both pumps only when necessary. We also installed a pressure vessel and other components to protect the pump and reduced the overall pressure from 25bar to 15bar. The new system gives Greencore a reliable, long-term solution for reduce maintenance and energy usage.”


Dura Pump conducts initial site surveys in order to pinpoint issues and work out how to help refine existing processes, thus making companies compliant with the ESOS legislation.


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