Staffordshire-based Thermaset Limited is the one of the UK’s leading powder coating specialists and a Qualicoat approved manufacturer.

The company has been creating powder coating for more than 30 years -formulating, manufacturing and supplying products to a wide range of customers. It supplies powder coatings direct through a combination of routes to market comprising telephone orders, email and via its online shop. Its powder coatings are renowned for their stability and reliability and stock powders are available for next day delivery across the UK.

Food & Beverage Brand Identity & Choosing your Printer

As a new manufacturer, your main focus on entering the food and drink industry is to work hard to develop unique products that taste and look great.  The competition in this sector is increasing steadily as more small and individual companies are entering the fray.

Awarded “velvet glove” of automated dosing technology

Production planners in all industrial sectors face the same challenge: How to dose and fill solids-laden, filled, viscous materials gently? The keyword in this context is shear sensitivity. For example, with materials filled with pieces of fruit and vegetables in food production: Gentle handling is essential! The product properties of the materials to be processed must not be changed or damaged. The endless piston principle of ViscoTec’s dosing and filling systems is especially suitable for this applications and perfect dosing and filling results are guaranteed!

X-Fresh™ Breathable Packaging Significantly Extends Produce Shelf Life

As the environmental debate around plastics and packaging continues, it is easy to forget the important part that packaging plays in not only protecting our foodstuffs, but also extending shelf life through the use of innovative packaging concepts. 

Introducing Croft Filter’s Quick Release Filter – For a simple way to improve a filtration process.

Improving filtration standards can be a challenge for many companies, especially those with fixed operating systems with little room to insert new filter housings to help meet improved filtration standards. Inserting a housing may intrude on the operating system, requiring a new operating layout that comes at cost in downtime.

Tinytag Data Loggers: Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

Tinytag data loggers help ensure that temperatures are accurately maintained at specified levels and recorded for ongoing verification throughout cold chain. They are also ideal for helping to verify that cooling equipment is working correctly.  Small, robust and reliable, Tinytags are left to record conditions at user- specified time intervals to help ensure compliance with quality controls, HACCP controls, and with regulations and guidelines including those from the Food Standards Agency, the European Union QFF Regulations and more.

NEW –  Hypergienic Rotary Valves from Gericke RotaVal

Gericke RotaVal have launched two new rotary valves specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and food industry.  The valves are fully machined from solid stainless steel and embody a range of detailed features.

Both valves offer rapid access for cleaning, the HGMC is a manual easy clean rotary valve and the HGMF is a railed fast clean version.  With both valves offering easy and fast cleaning they ensure minimum down times and the ability to be cleaned by plant operators without the need for any special tools.

New Waste Water metering solution from Micronics

Micronics announce the launch of a new Waste Water meter solution to the issue of the challenge of non-return to sewer allowances! The new meter provides a cost effective and reliable solution for measuring the flow in waste water pipes to facilitate billing by metered as opposed to estimated or assumed waste water outflow.

Keeping food production on the go: How one surface coatings company reduced maintenance cost by 75% and turnaround time by 90% for snack food manufacturer

Food manufacturing is a continuous, fast-paced production environment where quality and product safety are paramount. In their latest case study, Surface Technology outline how they greatly reduced maintenance cost by 75% and turnaround time by 90% for one multi-national snack food manufacturer.

Energy-efficient charging for long-term success

Schachinger Logistik Holding GmbH has implemented a truly special project at its site in Hörsching near Linz: a warehouse constructed entirely out of wood. One of the company’s core principles is sustainability, which is why the internal flow of materials is managed by a fleet of 67 electrically-powered forklift trucks. Schachinger uses Selectiva battery charging systems from Fronius to charge the traction batteries extremely cost-effectively and efficiently, while the Cool Battery Guide Premium information and management system optimises utilisation of the battery pool and extends the service life of the batteries.

TLM Laser Offer PrimeVent™ Technology For Controlled Release Applications in Flexible Packaging

The recent partnership agreement between TLM Laser and LasX Industries has expanded the laser technology portfolio, which the Bromsgrove based company has available for the flexible packaging sector within the UK and Ireland. TLM Laser is now able to offer PrimeVent™ technology, which provides multiple controlled release applications for flexible packaging.