Staffordshire-based Thermaset Limited is the one of the UK’s leading powder coating specialists and a Qualicoat approved manufacturer.

The company has been creating powder coating for more than 30 years -formulating, manufacturing and supplying products to a wide range of customers. It supplies powder coatings direct through a combination of routes to market comprising telephone orders, email and via its online shop. Its powder coatings are renowned for their stability and reliability and stock powders are available for next day delivery across the UK.

COHERENT|ROFIN: The specialist in laser packaging solutions

Coherent | Rofin has been pioneering laser systems for packing optimization since the very beginning which led to a world-wide installation base of more than 190 systems today. From now on, the laser manufacturer ships all its StarPack systems, whether they are cross-web, web-direction or customer-tailored, with a newly-designed control software. The new StarFlex release controls up to 9 different StarPack systems within one, clearly arranged user interface.

R100 and R101 Series The New Generation.

Mastering challenges. Opening communication channels. Redefining flexibility.

Adhesives Connect Manufacturers to Next-Generation Packaging Design

Packaging is all around us. Consumers use it in multiple ways – to wrap, pack or cover most of their goods – and are increasingly demanding versatility to go hand-in-hand with performance and sustainability. And now, more than ever before, packaging manufacturers require an adhesives partner that supports their customers with value-added solutions, can meet inventory demands, is focused on high quality products, adheres to all legal and environmental regulations, and is able to reduce costs while remaining innovative and socially responsible.

Summit First to market with 3D Printed Hopper Loader

Summit Systems, leading innovators in the plastics ancillary market, have just released a new revolutionary product which will be available in volume early December this year.

With huge weight and practical advantages, the S3D weighs in at less than a Litre of beer!

Skorpion – Trapped Key Interlocking with Key Exchange

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Skorpion, IDEM Safety Switches new Trapped Key Exchange System has been developed to provide extremely robust mechanical coded key safeguarding and interlocking for hazardous machinery.

Putting a label on the brand experience

How traditional labels are evolving to support new food & drink retailers

According to a recent study by Manhattan Associates, a significant majority of respondents (68.75%) expect food & drink retailers to locate and then deliver products to their home, local store or delivery locker from wherever they are in the supply chain.

Pulsar’s Ultrasonic Success with Super-light Fumed Silica Measurement

Fumed Silica has a bulk density of around 30g/l, and a surface area of sometimes hundreds of square metres per gram. It is used as a thickening agent in everything from gel batteries to non-drip paint, as a light-scattering agent in cosmetics and a toothpaste abrasive. However, a material as light as this presents significant difficulties in bulk measurement. After a number of failed attempts, including a leading radar system, Cabot Carbon in Barry turned to Pulsar’s non-contacting ultrasonic technology to monitor level in an 11m high silo.

Large reductions in Waste water charges by moving to actual metered discharge!

Waste water charges are normally calculated as a fixed %, typically 80% of your clean water consumption and from our experience with industry if your current clean water bill is >£15,000/annum, the potential saving for switching from a calculated Waste water charge to an actual metered charge or claim-back could be up to £3,000 per annum! So there would be an opportunity for significant savings through metering of actual discharged Waste water as opposed to billing based on a % of your clean water consumption.

Admix Europe ApS

Admix is a recognized leader across the food and beverage industry for providing innovative and high-quality mixing equipment solutions that set the standard for high performance and high efficiency sanitary processing.  The Admix mission is to resolve its customers’ most challenging mixing issues and improve their production capabilities with more effective mixing, reduced horsepower, and optimized capital costs.

Orel E3 (OE3)

Orel E3 (OE3) has 3 divisions dedicated to Saving Cash & Carbon® for our industrial, retail, leisure, commercial and public sector customers. OE3 ENERGY is our Lux Award winning division providing turnkey lighting and control solutions both in the UK and overseas, with more than 300,000 LED lights supplied and installed over the past 6 years.