Staffordshire-based Thermaset Limited is the one of the UK’s leading powder coating specialists and a Qualicoat approved manufacturer.

The company has been creating powder coating for more than 30 years -formulating, manufacturing and supplying products to a wide range of customers. It supplies powder coatings direct through a combination of routes to market comprising telephone orders, email and via its online shop. Its powder coatings are renowned for their stability and reliability and stock powders are available for next day delivery across the UK.

Kemutec accelerates its Global Strategy with Entry into Latin America

Kemutec, a subsidiary of the Process Components family, who forms part of the Schenck Process Group, has announced its expansion into Latin America, alongside its long-established manufacturing brands, Kek, Gardner, Mucon and PPS. With a new office based in Monterey, Mexico, the move forms a key part of Kemutec’s global strategy to increase its profitability and revenue, by selectively expanding into new territories, whilst also generating localized employment opportunities.

Connecting 20 years of Advantra® technology

It is a big anniversary year for Advantra® packaging adhesives, and we at H.B. Fuller are excited to present a new product line and adhesives-related consulting services to our customers, partners and the packaging industry.

SPX FLOW Launches its Next Generation Mix Proof Valve Series

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, July 10, 2018 – SPX FLOW announces the launch of an exciting new range of mix proof hygienic valves. This next generation “D4 Series” is the result of continued development from both APV® and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® process technologies. Used for the reliable separation of dissimilar products, the D4 Series helps fulfil today’s customer demands for production flexibility, maximized productivity, rapid return on investment, and reduced product and personnel risk across the food and beverage, dairy, personal care and brewing process industries.

Food Storage Monitoring Made Easy with FilesThruTheAir

Temperature monitoring specialist FilesThruTheAir’s range of WiFi-connected temperature and humidity loggers revolutionises food storage monitoring through its easy-setup, remote Cloud access and automated email alert system.

OPEC is a manufacturer and supplier of water treatment technologies and water treatment chemicals.

In the food and drink sector OPEC has specialised in the removal of ‘Fats Oils and Greases’ known as ‘FOGs’. OPEC has adapted its core technique of surface oil removal and separator systems to work more efficiently with FOGs which have historically been difficult to deal with.

Reduce Metal Detector Testing and Reap the Benefits

Food manufacturers are under significant pressure to increase productivity, reduce food waste, and meet strict food safety standards. Fortunately, recent innovations from METTLER TOLEDO are available to help overcome these challenges. The company’s product inspection division recently released a number of enhancements to its Profile vertical metal detectors, including Reduced Test mode (RT) and Automatic Test System (ATS), which deliver tangible benefits to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Self-Cleaning Filters – Cut Costs and Improve Filtration

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 32 years who specialises in manufacturing customised filtration solutions and supplying Self-Cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of market sectors that including the Food and Beverage Industries.

Prevent foreign body contamination and recalls with fully detectable products

Food and drink industries need to prevent/reduce the risk of foreign body contamination.

Physical contaminants, if left undetected, can damage equipment and cause injury, even death. If they reach the end consumer there will be expensive recalls, costly legislative fines and serious harm to brand reputation.

The safest way to eliminate and protect against this risk is to use metal detectable and X-Ray visible products in colours that stand out in all areas of food and beverage production.

80 GHz Radar level sensor measures bulk solids at Ritter chocolate

“Square. Practical. Good.” Everyone knows the chocolate bars of RITTER SPORT. Quality, safety and efficiency have top priority in their production. The process starts with the storage of raw materials, for example in the silo building with the six stainless steel silos, three of which are intended for milk powder and three for lactose. From there, the ingredients are distributed into the day silos before they are weighed and blended together with other components in the mixing unit.

“Square. Practical. Good.” Everyone knows RITTER SPORT chocolate bars.


In the silos, the level of milk powder and lactose is measured and recorded.

The environment in the silos is not exactly a friendly one for level gauges. Temperatures inside are sometimes very high. This places special demands on the sensors. When the silos are being filled, overpressure can build up if the filters get clogged. VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitters are deployed here and for overfill protection, VEGAVIB 63 sensors  are used. Together, these instruments protect against excessive pressure and overfilling in the vessel. In addition, special dust explosion protection requirements must be observed. When filling the silos via compressed air, milk powder or lactose is whirled up – such fine materials then settle everywhere, even on the measuring instruments. Exact measurement of the level is absolutely necessary despite these conditions. Until recently, a sensor based on guided microwave technology had been used for level measurement. For point level detection, i.e. protection against silo overfilling, the company had been using a capacitive method. New silos were eventually installed and RITTER SPORT was looking for a state-of-the-art solution.

Reliable measured values

When VEGA recommended the radar level sensor for bulk solids, VEGAPULS 69, which was launched on the market in 2016, the Waldenbuch chocolate maker was amazed by the vastly more accurate measuring results and the distinct echo curves. This non-contact radar sensor operates at the very high frequency of 80 GHz. The direct effect of this higher measuring frequency: Instead of 10°, a DN 80 antenna generates a beam angle of only 3°. As a result, focusing is much tighter and media with poor reflective properties can be detected much more reliably. In addition, the instrument is completely unaffected by buildup, dust or internal vessel installations. Thanks to its particularly good focusing and large dynamic range, VEGAPULS 69 detects poorly reflecting bulk solids reliably even at distances of up to 120 m. Although the 11 meter-high silos at RITTER SPORT are not extremely high, the nominal range of the sensor bespeaks the tremendous performance reserves of this measurement technology. The level measuring process is also extremely fast: The cycle time is less than one second with an accuracy of ±5 mm.


The silos in which VEGAPULS 69 is used are about 11 m high.

The swivel mount with rinsing air connection also convinced users. The selected flange version is equipped with a swivelling holder of high-quality stainless steel that allows the sensor and antenna to be optimally aligned in a range of ±10°. The user especially benefited from the app developed by VEGA, which can be used to adjust the angle of inclination for optimum installation of the measuring instrument. Only the silo data need to be entered: The app then automatically calculates the correct tilt angle. After that, the smartphone or tablet is simply placed on the instrument. The display allows the user to quickly and easily align the radar sensor by means of the swivelling holder.
The supplied rinsing connection clears the antenna of any deposits, although VEGAPULS 69, due to its low sensitivity to buildup, generally delivers reliable measured values even when covered with heavy dust deposits.


The Bluetooth function now makes it possible to adjust the sensor wirelessly from a distance of approx. 25 m.

RITTER SPORT found the option of parameterizing the sensor with the display and adjustment module PLICSCOM  via Bluetooth particularly clever. PLICSCOM is used for measured value indication, adjustment and diagnosis directly on the sensor and is the same for all VEGA measuring instruments. The Bluetooth function now makes it possible to adjust the sensor wirelessly from a distance of approx. 25 m. The adjustment functions of the radar sensor can be easily accessed with a smartphone or tablet.


Print eye-catching signs to increase safety and efficiency

A simple safety sign can prevent costly workplace accidents as long as it is easy to see. With the BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer, users can print on-site noticeable, full colour safety signs, tags, pipe markers or lean instruction labels whenever they are needed.Signs that comply and get noticed