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The updated AR-021 and AR-022: Not just a new look

Every so often you take a look at your products and think: “They still function properly, but an update would make them even better. And maybe they could look better too.” So that is why we are introducing an update for two of our products: The AR-021 Motion Sensor and the AR-022 Twilight Sensor.

Gas Process Burners

Lanemark gas burner systems offer users reliable, high efficiency, process heating solutions.

Smallest configurable power supply

FiDUS Power has announced two new series of industrial and medically-approved, 600W configurable power supplies, believed to be the world’s smallest. Ultra-compact, lightweight and powerful, the new supplies measure just 3” x 5″ and weigh only 600g.

How to prioritise food safety within the confines of strict regulation

Ask any production manager and you will be told the same thing: there is no greater priority in the food and beverage industry than food safety. With the average significant product recall claim currently standing at around £9 million1, without even beginning to count the associated brand damage, it is clear to see the damage that breaching food safety regulations can do.

Kecol Pumping Systems

Kecol Pumping Systems offers solutions to many product transfer problems – read on to find out more. Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are manufacturers of Air driven, Positive Displacement Piston Pumps and Priming Devices in polished stainless steel or carbon steel, for transferring high viscosity non-flowable products from drums and containers as used in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and general industries.


Based in India, Kaleesuwari operates six plants, manufacturing and packaging refined edible oils to be sold through
retail channels. They export to the following countries: Oman, UAE, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Tanzania, Malaysia, Seychelles,Myanmar, Kuwait, Qatar, and the U.S.

Crystallization at an ideal temperature gives melt-in-your-mouth sensation: Special chocolate pump enables tempering across whole conveying area

Statistics tell us that the global consumption of chocolate is about 7.2M metric tonnes with the US being the largest producer by volume. The average American eats 9.5lbs of chocolate per year in the form of bars, hollow figures, pralines and the like. The sweet may be very popular, but it is extremely complicated to make. In particular, the temperature has to be precisely controlled at all times to achieve the later melt-in-your-mouth effect. To avoid there being any gap in the processing chain here, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH has developed a special tempering positive displacement pump and also a rotary lobe pump with similar features.

IMA DAIRY & FOOD Names New Majority Owner, and Introduces Aseptic Competence Center

As of late December 2018, IMA DAIRY & FOOD has a new majority owner, Thomas Becker, who presented his strategy in a press briefing on May 13, 2019. During the briefing, the company introduced a new Aseptic Competence Center in Ranstadt, Germany.

Ranstadt, Germany – May 13, 2019 – IMA DAIRY & FOOD, which comprises the long-established brands Gasti, Hamba, Hassia and Erca, held a press briefing during which its new majority owner, Mr. Thomas Becker, presented his strategy for the company group’s realignment. Moving forward, the brands will act independently in the marketplace, and their individual market identities will be strengthened by offering additional solutions across a broader set of niches. For example, Hassia Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH will expand its portfolio to include highspeed filling and sealing machines for pre-formed cups and bottles from Hamba, and its range of stick pack machines will be complemented with non-aseptic execution equipment and sachet machines. Erca S.A.S., based in the Paris suburb of Les Ulis, added to its machine portfolio the rotary ‘Gyro Cup’ filler and the newly developed ‘Flex Cup’ filling and sealing machine for pre-formed cups and tubs.

The portfolio expansions should enable the two companies to better fulfill customer demands in their markets and offer a broader array of solutions. Meanwhile, GASTI will continue focusing activities on its wellknown filling and sealing machine portfolio. Sales and service capabilities also will be expanded and supported byowned subsidiaries, including a new one launching in England; additional owned subsidiaries are in planning stages.

At the end of Q4 2018, IMA S.p.A. sold 60% of the filling business in its IMA DAIRY & FOOD Group, comprised of Erca, Hamba-Gasti, Hassia, and IMA Dairy & Food USA Inc. In introducing Mr. Becker, IMA DAIRY & FOOD is showcasing a deeply experienced majority shareholder intimately familiar with the packaging machinery business, and with a reputation for helping companies quickly regain sustainable success.

Mr. Becker explains, ‘I am very pleased about this partnership with IMA and, of course, especially with the owner family Vacchi. IMA DAIRY & FOOD, represented by the brands Erca, Hamba-Gasti and Hassia, continues to have a strong market position in the field of form, fill and seal machines as well as fill and seal machines. They are famous brands in this market segment well-known around the globe with further growth opportunities. I see this investment as a commitment to further developing the group and, of course, as a challenge that I will face with
passion and dedication.’

Aseptic Competence Center
Combined, the companies comprising IMA DAIRY & FOOD have more than 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering, more than 40 years of aseptic know-how and over 20 years of laboratory practice. Increased consumer demands for extending the shelf lives of sensitive products without using preservatives prompted the establishment of an Aseptic Competence Center at the Ranstadt premises. The new venture offers customers comprehensive packaging line solutions from initial planning to configuration, testing and integration – all from a single source. The aseptic team also handles validation, troubleshooting, inspection and existing plant optimization. The newly established laboratory is certified to work with microorganisms up to Risk Group II, and has comprehensive equipment for implementing various microbiological methods. Further analyses of product properties can be carried out in the physical laboratory.

The IMA DAIRY & FOOD aseptic team consists of specialists in hygienic and aseptic filling systems with expertise in the fields of process engineering, microbiology, food technology and regulatory requirements. The center’s core competence consists of routine quality control of all hygienic machines before delivery, as well as on-site customer support. This includes, for example, determining the kill rates of sterilization processes by microbiological stress tests – a vital step toward commercial sterility. To investigate new sterilization technologies, a variety of testing stations are set up in the laboratory for microbiological testing. As a result, the aseptic team can not only evaluate the efficiency of new technologies, but also assess applicability under production conditions before filling machine integration.


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Five Inspection Challenges Overcome with Metal Detection

Food processors face many pressures on their production lines. Maintaining a hygienic production area, adhering to stringent regulations and standards and maximizing uptime are just some of the key challenges in the industry.

Fortunately, innovative inspection technology helps to overcome these challenges so food processors can maximize productivity and ensure they produce the highest quality products to meet retailer and customer requirements.