Barrier Packaging Films For The Circular Economy

Innovia Films is launching the first of its new range of transparent high barrier packaging films, Propafilm™ Strata SL.  It has been designed to be a standalone mono filmic solution or, to be used in laminate constructions to be ‘recycle ready’, or recyclable in countries which have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene films.

Impact Handling’s Top 10 tips: Lead-acid battery maintenance

A good fork lift truck battery maintenance regime will maximise productivity, enhance site safety and help minimise fleet costs. So here is our top ten list of the everyday things fleet managers and operators can do to get the most out of lead-acid battery powered equipment.

TV show prepares to lift manhole on sewer cleaning team

A popular TV show revealing the grimy side of life in Britain is preparing to show wastewater engineers working for Lanes Group battling fatbergs in London sewers.

Hygienic progressing cavity pumps transport food gently and safely

Look behind the scenes
Positive displacement pumps are often used in food production where viscous or difficult media such as molasses, honey, spent grains from beer brewing or chocolate have to be conveyed. These media have to be handled in part very sensitively. Progressing cavity pumps are particularly good for these tasks as they ensure conveying at stable pressure and volume, are gentle on the product and allow high-precision dosing. Despite those benefits, progressing cavity pumps have the reputation of being only of limited suitability for tasks with product contact in the food industry. The main concerns regard the latent risk of food contamination through rubber abrasion.

The new website has now been launched

Level and pressure instrumentation at the click of a mouse. The new website has now been launched, adding further customer enhancements to application advice, instrument selection, quotation requests and bespoke drawings.

NSK Molded-Oil bearings extend service life in food plant conveyor application

A vegetable processing plant in Germany is enjoying significant benefits following the adoption of Molded-Oil bearings from NSK. Principally, the move has helped the company extend the service life of bearings on a critical conveyor from two weeks, to 40, saving considerable maintenance costs and downtime in the process.

Bluepoint Tags & Labels Ltd

The importance of metal detectability in tagging and labelling operations is well established. Food and beverage processors are under increasing pressures to ensure that the highest standards of food safety are met. Many processors now have metal detection systems in place to prevent the production and distribution of physically contaminated products.

Waterjet Industries aims to be the first choice for any water cutting requirements

Plymouth-based Waterjet Industries re-financed their state-of-the-art machinery to raise £80,000 with Henry Howard Finance to complete a management buyout.

Launched in 2007, Waterjet Industries aims to be the first choice for any water cutting requirements. A waterjet is an industrial tool that’s capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using high pressure water. With two precision waterjet machines, Waterjet Industries work with businesses in numerous sectors including aerospace, automotive, marine, oil and gas, power generation and precision engineering.

Daisy-chained sensors

SICK has reinvented the lightgrid as a versatile ‘light chain’ of cascading photoelectric sensors. The FlexChain detection system is a new way of configuring light grids that offers freedom for automated plant and machinery applications.

Metering systems

Elcomponent is a specialist provider of metering systems, data collection and energy management platforms. It can provide solutions across all sectors and can design, supply, install, commission and operate them. Elcomponent metering systems are designed and installed by its team of experts to ensure that they deliver the data needed, regardless of environment or utility.