A modern-day horror story

In January 2017, a Director of an international size OEM engineering company of specialist fasteners, became embroiled in a dispute with a major customer, who accused them of selling shoddy products.

Apparently, one of their high specification bolts had been installed into a large turbine, which operated under extreme pressures.  It was fitted by the customer’s highly skilled engineering team about six months earlier, who claimed that they had bought the bolt from an authorised Distributor of the OEM’s

WEICON Solutions for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Pressure Vacuum Level, stock a comprehensive range of adhesives, sealants, technical sprays as well as high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of your industry. PVL Ltd is an official WEICON Distributor for the UK and Northern Ireland.

Inspection of Infrastructure in Manufacturing Facilities – Including Potentially Hazardous Areas

It is always difficult to predict rates of corrosion in manufacturing facilities; so making sure you have the right tools to perform regular inspections is vital.  No business wants to face the prospect of ‘down-time’ due poorly maintained equipment.

Reduce breakages using paper protective packaging

The team at Protega are passionate about helping their customers become more sustainable in the way they package their goods.  One of Protega Global’s most recent successes has been the development of HexcelWrap, a ‘paper’ equivalent to bubble wrap.

Save Money by Leasing Your Interior Requirements from AJ Products

No budget for a required expansion or upgrade?  Does your budget fall short of your “ideal” solution? Would you like to complete a project now without waiting for the money to come in?

AJ Products now offers a leasing solution for all your workplace furniture and equipment requirements. From office furniture, breakout spaces and conference furniture to pallet racking and materials handling solutions, AJ Products has the solutions to help your business improve workplace productivity and employee wellbeing.

Application case: Colour-coded maintenance safety in the food industry with Lockout/Tagout

A large food processor needs to de-energise and secure all machine energy sources in order to service machinery safely. They require clear visual indicators to quickly identify which specialised team neutralised specific energy sources.

New, or refurbished process equipment…….that is the question.

Our company has been supplying new and refurbished process equipment for 3 decades into many industries, all of which prefer to use exotic steels, 316L Stainless Steel or higher grade Super Duplex, some even corrosion resistant coatings like Halar, PFA, and Vulcanite Rubber.


The Anti-Counterfeit Forum’s 11th annual seminar, to be held on Wednesday 1st April 2020 at BAE Systems Park Centre in Farnborough, will focus on current trends and threats and new developments in combating counterfeits in the supply chain. As well as current and emerging new threats, delegates will also be able to hear about current and developing best practice for the management of counterfeits in the supply chain, current and developing new methods for the detection of counterfeits and how to access further information, much of it free of charge.


A Rinnai continuous flow hot water solution has been installed at a large-scale seafood processing and manufacturing plant on the North East coast. The system was installed by H Pickup & Sons having used Rinnai products for several years on major projects.

A better focus on bitumen tank level Increasing safety and security with 80 GHz radar technology

Bitumen is always a difficult product to measure, challenging with high temperatures, build up, splashing, sublimation and ready adhesion. Its handling safety parameters are also very high, with comprehensive safety guidelines from bitumen suppliers’ organisations and industry regulators. As part of this, effective, reliable level control for tanks is therefore of paramount importance.