Superior results and efficiencies achieved in food freeze drying

Water is generally the main ‘ingredient’ in food and has a considerable impact on both physico-chemical and mechanical properties, which constantly change during storage [2,5]. The products shelf life is limited by the biological activity of microorganisms and water deeply affects it. Bacteria and moulds easily grow and proliferate in humid conditions [2,5], resulting in quicker spoilage and organoleptic degradation [8].

The most hygienic Tolomatic stainless-steel integrated servo actuator for the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications

Bournemouth UK, April 2020: The Tolomatic IMA-S stainless-steel integrated servo actuator is designed for the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications.

Metering systems

Elcomponent is a specialist provider of metering systems, data collection and energy management platforms. It can provide solutions across all sectors and can design, supply, install, commission and operate them.

Industrial Cleaning

The Preparation Group has an extensive range of equipment, accessories, dust extraction and services for refurbishing, removing, cleaning or polishing a wide range of internal and external surfaces. The one-stop-shop for cost effective, clean, environmentally friendly solutions, we sell and hire equipment, plus stock a huge range of accessories for next day delivery.

New, versatile Laser Sub-System for Converting and Packaging applications

The new Coherent PowerLine C is a CO2 laser-based sub-system that offers an unmatched combination of convenience, versatility and economy for packaging and converting applications like easy-opening, modified-atmosphere packaging or kiss-cutting. Coherent sub-systems comprise a laser source, beam delivery opto-mechanics, and all related control electronics and software, in a package ready for integration into production machinery.


Handling food and related products requires the highest level of sanitation and quality as well as a secure, yet delicate process. TAWI’s stainless steel vacuum lifters are perfectly suited for these demanding environments. We can handle almost anything within this environment. From lifting sacks and bags, to transporting reels of packaging material. With a TAWI solution, you not only guarantee maximum cleanliness, but also maximum efficiency.

Hassle free and easy monitoring – anywhere with WiFi

 Lascar Electronics’ EasyLog EL-MOTE WiFi-based temperature and humidity sensors and their EasyLog Cloud together provide an inexpensive monitoring system, streaming temperature and RH data remotely to a secure Cloud site for access from any internet-enabled device. Operators can monitor and manage compact systems with just a few measuring points or corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. The system only requires an existing WiFi network with no additional infrastructure requirements.

Anything in. Anything out. And that’s just the beginning.

Red Lion’s FlexEdge™ Intelligent Edge Automation Platform brings industrial data together as never before to transform edge computing. FlexEdge provides a scalable solution to integrate complex multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies, while providing a futureproof solution for changing application needs.

Packaging Automation launches new website

Our new website is live at 

The in house team at Packaging Automation have been working hard to develop and deliver a modern interactive website that showcases our global reach whilst demonstrating our British family heritage and providing the functionality that we know our customers, present and future, need.

AI vision system IDS NXT ocean: suitable for industrial use and easy to operate

Artificial intelligence opens up new fields of application for camera technology and image processing. It can be
used, for example, to classify fruit varieties or to identify damaged parts (e.g. apples with marks or colour deviations).
To cover all possible variances with classical image processing would be very time-consuming and costly. With
artificial intelligence, however, these challenges can be solved in no time at all. With IDS NXT ocean, there is now
a user-friendly complete solution for industrial applications available. Camera hardware, software, infrastructure
and support come from a single company: IDS. Users only need sample images and knowledge on how to evaluate
them (e.g. “good” / “bad”) to create a neural network. This makes the start into AI-based image processing
particularly easy.