Entecon develops the Flex Feeder to meet the market’s needs even better!

Entecon is active in the market with well-known Aero Mechanical Conveyor and other types of transport systems. The Entecon product range includes – Big Bag Fillers and Dischargers, dust-free bag Sack Tip Stations and dust-free Automatic Sack Openers and empty bag compactors, as well as complete projects.

Save Time and Money using Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic thickness testing – how it works

An ultrasonic thickness gauge is a hand-held electronic device that tells the user the remaining thickness of the material being tested.  This technique is most relevant specifically when the user only has access to one side of the material.

Simple efficiency for process automation with low cost level and pressure devices

New compact VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches mean VEGA can now offer a full-range of process automation for level and pressure. They now range from highly specified transmitters, to these new, simpler lower-priced instruments designed for standard applications – yet still in line with the latest industry demands and based on a pedigree of quality, robust reliability and performance.

Emirates Printing Press

Emirates Printing Press, since its inception in 1974 with five state-of-the-art print facilities in Dubai has emerged as one of the leading converters of high quality innovative packaging for Folding cartons and Flexible laminate customers globally.

Static Electricity and grounding in the industrial workplace.

Static electricity refers to the presence of a non-neutral electric charge. Static electricity can be created when two objects of different material come into frictional contact with each other, resulting in the migration of electrons, known as the triboelectric effect.

Croft Filters – High quality bespoke filtration solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

Croft Filters Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of over 34 years, specialises in providing high-quality bespoke filtration solutions and supplying self-cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of industry sectors, including the Food and Beverage industry.

Many of Croft’s custom manufactured products include: sieves, screens, baskets and strainers, can be applied to sizing, grading and separation processes within the Food and Drink sector. Detail on some of Croft’s products and services is as below:

Your one-stop shop for work-safe equipment

Protectabull.com by Bull Products is your new one-stop-eshop for all PPE, cleaning, and safety needs.

ProtectaBull is the result of the Bull Products’ mission ‘Securing Your Safety’, which now extends into the food processing and manufacturing sector, as well as other, commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality environments.

Data logger systems for the food and transport sector

T&D Corporation offers data logger solutions for measuring temperature, humidity, milliampere  (4-20mA), voltage, pulse and more – perfectly suited for the food industry and the transport of sensitive goods

Vimpex Announces Smart Acquisition

As of 31 January 2020, leading specialist manufacturer of world class fire evacuation, signalling and building infrastructure system products Vimpex has acquired the legal rights and ownership of Sigma Fire and Security and its brands Smart+Guard and Smart+Cage from Evac+Chair International.

DTM LF140e Label Finishing System – the perfect on-demand solution for finishing short runs of labels

DTM Print, international OEM and solution provider for specialty printing systems, completes the production chain for the on-demand production of small and medium label runs with the newly available digital finisher DTM LF140e.