Returnable Transit Packaging – From Field, to Factory, to Store

RGE supplies a vast and growing array of industries with returnable transit packaging. Our range of Pallet Collars, Universal Display Pallets, and MultiNest Crates assist with storing and distributing goods around the world, including within Food & Drink Processing and Packaging industries.

Using food-grade polypropylene across our range of material handling products makes them ideal for use in food manufacturing. ​Our returnable packaging products offer a sturdy, reusable solution for protecting goods and optimising space in storage and transit. They also help businesses to comply with packaging waste regulations, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Our product range
Alongside our injection moulding services, RGE supply a range of returnable transit packaging from our manufacturing site in the UK.

Plastic Pallet Collars:
The RGE plastic pallet collar is a tough, sturdy solution for protecting goods and cost effective when compared to disposable packaging. It assembles with ease to transform a plastic or wooden pallet into a folding box pallet. Unlike one trip packaging, this collar can be used on an ongoing basis, minimising wastage and ultimately saving money. Our pallet collars are also great for saving space, as they allow for stacking of loaded pallets and fold flat when not in use. The collar can be manufactured from virgin or recycled materials, and at the end of its life it can be recycled, making it an extremely environmentally friendly alternative to disposable options.


Universal Display Pallets:
Universal Display Pallets (UDP’s) are half sized euro pallets that are lightweight and used to aid with the transportation of goods, moving stock around factories, or loading pallets on and off vehicles. UDP’s support heavy loads, making it easier and safer to move goods. Using wheeled pallets cuts staff handling time, and reduces the risk of product damage. UDPs are reusable, designed to last, and made from recycled plastics as a sustainable option for the transport and storage of goods.

MultiNest Crates:
The MultiNest 190 is a standard-sized, plastic, nestable bale arm crate designed to work seamlessly with common storage and distribution systems. Made from food-grade material, the MultiNest features excellent ventilation and drainage, and is operational between temperatures of -10C and +50C, making it suitable for a variety of requirements within the food production industries. The MultiNest 190 is often used to transport fruit and vegetables from field to factory, to the supermarket shelf. The MultiNest was designed with environmental responsibility in mind, with little-to-no waste in the entire production process, and can be fully recycled. RGE now offer an MultiNest-Eco crate, made completely from recycled materials.


Why use returnable transit packaging?
This type of packaging is already widely used across many industries, and is fast becoming a viable option for many businesses. Investing in reusable packaging results in a lower unit cost when considering the lifetime of the product. There is also a lower disposal cost at the end of the product’s life, and the plastic used can be recycled again, keeping it out of landfill. Using plastic provides increased transit protection and minimises the need for secondary packaging, whilst the enhanced stacking ability and strength reduces the storage requirements, making use of space with nestable crates, stackable UDPs, and foldable collars.


Plastic also has added hygiene benefits, and can be easily cleaned if food or drink leaks. Reduced labour costs through ease of use are also notable, alongside improved company perception with branding potential across the whole range of returnable transit packaging. Perhaps the most important reason to use reusable packaging is the environmental impact, drastically reducing the amount of waste produced in transporting and shipping goods, as well as conserving energy by producing only one product that will be used again and again.

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