Industrial Quality Control with Fast Terahertz Systems

Terahertz waves feature unique properties. They pass through many non-conducting materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, ceramics and composite structures. This opens up a wide field of applications in quality and process control, taking advantage of novel measurement techniques that are inherently safe, fast and contact-free. Inspection systems work either in transmission or reflection, depending on the measurement task.

TeraFlash pro – Versatile time-domain terahertz platform

A promising application is quality control of folded cardboard boxes that are used for pharmaceuticals. European legislation dictates that pharmaceuticals may only be sold with patient information leaflets enclosed. In proof-of-principle measurements, TOPTICA’s researchers have shown that the presence, or absence, of a package insert could be detected unambiguously even for samples moving at more than 20 meters per second.

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