Drallim Rotary Selector Valve (RSV) solves challenging process applications.

The RSV continues to collect new and interesting applications. It is a small bore, multiport, multibank rotary poppet valve system suitable for a variety of fluids operating from 1 -10 bar.

The latest configuration has been created as the heart of a piece of equipment designed to monitor the conductivity and dissolved oxygen levels in water samples. The intention is to be able to divert the single sample stream through two different Conductivity Flow Cells and Cation Columns/Filters, but also with the capability to be able to reverse the flows to enable backflushing of the two Cation Columns/Filters while the system is in operation.

The pictures show the valve in development with a complex flow diagram.

At the same time, we continue to receive orders for bigger more complex systems such as the emergency gas slam-shut system shown below. Originally developed with ball valves which failed due to cross port leakage. The RSV solved an important safety issue and has proven to be a robust and reliable solution in this low temperature critical gas safety system.

Drallim offer full support to process equipment designers to solve complex problems with the elegant RSV solution which is highly adaptable and available in Brass and Stainless Steel, with Fluoro Elastomer Seals and PTFE or ACETAL Resin Stems, according to service duty.

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