Make a rotary valve easier to clean than ever before and it will lead to better and deeper cleaning than ever before. That was the challenge that we threw at our engineers and again they surpassed all expectations. The result is a rotary valve that will set the new standard on hygiene, cleanability and safety for the dry bulk industry.

Meet the new MZC-II rotary valve Easy and safe access is what defines this new rotary valve. It opens at both ends, instead of just one. It’s incredibly easy to slide out the rotor in order to clean in every possible spot. The rotor can even be taken out as a whole (finger-safe rotor extraction) and placed in a specially designed ‘cradle’ for precision cleaning. Sliding the self-aligning rotor back in place
takes no effort whatsoever.

The highest level of hygiene, cleanability and safety The new MZC-II brings a lot of added value to all sectors inside the dry bulk industry, from dairy, pharma, food, cosmetics to the paint industry. The easy access to all cleanable parts of the rotary valve makes it possible to realize the highest level of hygiene, particularly useful for every sector where food safety is essential. The new MZC-II is a big step up in terms of performance, consistency, maintenance and cost-efficiency.