Motion Control Products Ltd

Motion Control Products Ltd. is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of automation products, we also have our automotive division and manufacturing facility for high volume motor users. To supplement product sales to our OEM customers, the company also provide application engineering support to our customers to both ensure correct selection of our products for the dedicated application needs and function for our customers, as well as optimising the longevity of the products purchased to ensure return on investment is maximised.

Throughout the years Motion Control Products has optimised their business opportunities by expanding their range by making the company a one stop shop for all automation application requirements, particularly in the Food & Beverage, Process and Packaging Industries. MCP would like to Introduce you to two of our newest products in the range.

Machine Profile Extrusions:

Motion Control Products newly introduced Machine Profile Extrusion systems (also known as “structural profile systems“), offering various advantages comparing with traditional construction materials as steel.

The ALUSIC range covers a wide range of aluminium extruded profiles with slot width of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm and the associated accessories from one source, which are like for like compatible with the majority of aluminium profiles on the market, such as Bosch.

The applications that the ALUSIC® range of machine profile extrusion can be used in are very varied, from light carpentry to automation. Thanks to our machine shop we are able to offer additional services including drilling/milling and turning.    Our technical engineering team carries out innovative and functional solutions in the field of aluminium structures, conveyor belts, linear systems and crane systems, workstations, linear motorizable guides, safety fences, supports, clamps and structures for solar panels and much more, almost everything which can be functional for the various fields of Mechanical Design.

There are four ranges Extrusions that we offer:

  • IM range.that is compatible with the Item Extrusion range.
  • BH range.which is compatible with the Bosch Extrusion.
  • AC range. Being compatible with the Minitec and Norcan extrusions.
  • CarboSix range. this newly launched range that is probably the only carbon structural profiles in the world with a complete range of components and assembly accessories, offering strength, rigidity and ultra-light for applications that need all the benefits of the aluminium profiles, but where a light structure is needed, such as end effectors on robot arms.


Stainless Steel Actuators –

MCP is launching the IMA-S stainless-steel integrated servo actuator from Tolomatic, this product has been designed for the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications with IP65, IP67 and IP69K protection, which means that the demanding requirements for the machine washdown processes in the food industry are easily met in this environment. The IMA-S integrated electric servo actuators are designed to replace air actuators, with hygienic standards for eliminating ingress points and preventing bacterial growth. The 316 stainless-steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance and withstands high pressure, high temperature and caustic wash-down processes. With its hygienic design and IP69k ingress protection rating, the IMA-S meets all clean-in-place requirements, allowing machine designers to achieve open machine designs and eliminate shrouding designs required to house standard actuators.

Integrated Harmonic Gearbox Rotary Actuators –

Our brand-new series integrated harmonic gear motors provide large-torque and high-precision rotary actuation. With the integrated design, processing, and assembly techniques, it is designed and manufactured as all-in-one compact solution: i.e., high precision, backlash-free harmonic gearbox (strain wave gearbox) with integrated framework torque motor, hollow shaft high resolution absolute or incremental encoder, brake and intelligent sensor.

There are three different formats available for this innovative gear-motor package to suit different industrial needs and applications:

  • Hollow shaft design (MAH & MAT series) for space saving, cables hassle-free applications.
  • MGM series which is also hollow shaft design but with integrated electronics (EtherCAT or CANOpen) onboard for position, velocity, and torque control all-in-one applications

Our integrated harmonic gear motors can run at standard input voltage of 48VDC, 110VAC or 220VAC. The other customised winding options and a number of technical data (such as torques, speed etc.) options may be also available upon request, depending on the customers’ requirements.

For more technical information, please visit our website or contact our sales team at or call us at +44 (0) 1202 599922.