8 Reasons for selecting an Air Operated Diaphragm Pump your Food Transfer Application

Selecting a food transfer pump can be difficult. When there’s a possibility of changing viscosity, requirement for hygienic design, gentle handling to ensure products remain as designed and a hazardous environment, selecting a unit can be a difficult choice!

One overlooked pump design is an Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. Its simplicity in design – a central air exchanger driving a piston back and forth compressing each diaphragm to deliver fluid provides many benefits.

Here are 8 reasons why an Air Operated Diaphragm Pump may be the best solution for your food transfer application:

High Flow Rate
Due to the speed in which both diaphragms can be filled and compressed, air operated diaphragm pumps deliver one of the highest flowrates possible for viscous fluids without compromise to flow rate. Capable of delivering up to 54,000L/hour its high output is often unrivalled.

Unaffected By Viscosity
Positive displacement design ensures that pumping performance remains regardless of viscosity. Internal components act as valves ensuring fluid output is maintained across a variety of thick or thin fluids and temperatures.

Run Dry
As this design of pump is constructed without an internal mechanical seal, when operated without fluid- unlike other pump designs it does not sustain damage enabling it to be left unattended, as well as not being sensitive to dry matter.

Self Priming & Solid Handling
Pumps can prime up to 6M, and handle suspended solids without clogging. Designs are available to handle some solids without damage.

Grades of Finish to Match Your process
Not only are pumps available in a multitude of materials but also a variety of Stainless Steels. For example if there is a hygienic application where the only requirement is material type – Stainless Steel can be provided. If polished stainless or complete accredited (3A or EHEDG) hygienic design for cleaning via CIP with rotating pump head for draining another version can be selected. All with a variety of sanitary diaphragms, available as conductive for flammable liquid handling (ATEX).

Gentle Conveying of product
The working motion of an AOD pump is gentle meaning product consistency remains unchanged. However when an air regulator is installed, pumping speed can be slowed reducing any shear.

Simplicity of maintenance
Due to wetted parts consisting of a few components maintenance is often quick, uncomplicated,  requires little expertise, with low risk of damage during reassembly.

The above mentioned benefits highlight why these pumps are used for fluids ranging from Whisky to Sauces, Creams and Gels with very little maintenance, or downtime.

If you have a food or beverage application and are unsure of the right solution, contact us to see how we can help.

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