Solving complex dry air supply and control problems

Drallim are specialist equipment manufacturers and offer a wide range of bespoke products and services.

One area of increasing activity has been designing and building custom dehydrators to suit a variety of telecom applications from copper cable pressure systems to television, satellite, and radar systems. There currently exists a large installed base of older equipment that is often found obsolete whereas we have successfully provided a full range of services to maintain, monitor replace equipment of any brand.

Maintaining an extremely dry air supply is essential to these applications and in recent years we have developed sophisticated remote monitoring solutions for telephone exchanges and waveguide tower installations providing an early warning of potential issues on often highly critical services. This monitoring capability has also spilled over into offering monitoring for cable theft, cable integrity and unauthorised manholes and cabinets.

We have a range of standard units to suit most applications but often our customers need something rather unique. We will work with clients and their customers to understand the needs of their application(s) and look at how best to provide a solution. We offer a professional service from site survey, customer design, manufacture and installation and we’re not always finished then. We offer full training on all products which makes servicing and maintaining the unit an inhouse option for the client if preferred

If you operate any kind of installation requiring a supply of dry air, we have over 50 years’ experience with this type of equipment and supply the Koganei range of quality Japanese pneumatics alongside our own specialist Rotary Selector Valve that is widely used to control complex pneumatic switching applications.


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