Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Systems

Since 1993, Emproco Ltd, established on 1975, has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Systems for application such as food packaging, storage of fruit, vegetables, grain and flowers and CO2 enrichment for greenhouses. Products were developed in conjunction with the Volcani Institute of Agricultural Research Center in Israel.

Our range of instrumentation includes on-line food packaging monitors for quality control of modified atmosphere packaging of products such as coffee, cheese, processed meats, herbs, flour etc. Nitrogen and /or CO2 are used to extend the shelf life of these packaged products. We have developed instruments that measure very small volumes of residual Oxygen and CO2 to ensure the integrity of the packaging.

For storage of fruit, vegetables, grains, etc., we have designed multiple programmable systems that control the storage atmosphere according to pre-set parameters of Oxygen and CO2. These systems use our propriety software to optimize quantity of gases required to reach the programmed concentrations in minimal time and to maintain these concentrations within close tolerances.

CO2 enrichment of greenhouses for flowers and some types of fruit and vegetables provides improved the quality and quantity of produce. Our systems use propriety software to optimize and maintain the CO2 levels over the complete growing cycle in multiple greenhouses.

We can also design and manufacture systems per customer requirements and parameters. All our instrumentation are designed for high reliability with minimum maintenance, which in most cases, can be carried out by the end-user. For more information visit our website at

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