The World’s Smallest And Lightest Fiber Laser Head Makes Its Mark For TLM

TLM Laser is the UK distributor for a wide range of laser processing technologies from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. A recent addition to their comprehensive portfolio is the FOBA Titus™ system,  the world’s smallest and lightest fiber laser head, which is making its mark in a wide range of applications.

 The new Titus™ Vector Scan laser marking head is just over 20 centimeters in length and weighs in at just 630 grams. Available as part of the new 20 Watt or 30 Watt FOBA fiber laser marking systems (Y.0200-xs / Y.0300-xs), this new and innovative system offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of line integration, usability and speed.

The Titus™ marking head can be easily integrated into a wide range of production lines. Due to its small format and tubular shape, the marking head is easily mounted with a simple clamping bracket and is available with an optional supply line up to ten meters in length. Its flexibility is further enhanced through the option of either a straight or 90 degrees exit angle for the laser beam, together with the ability to adjust the marking field size to the specific application requirements.

(The new compact Titus™ marking head offers the option of either a straight or 90 degrees exit angle for the laser beam)

During installation, users can expect to save of up to 90 percent of the time normally required for installation of a laser marking system. An integrated pilot laser and focus finder significantly reduce the time required for adjustment and focus.

Supporting the compact Titus™ system is another first, a new browser based interface, which means users can use any browser on any device to control their FOBA Laser System. Using FOBA Go means that users are not affected by revisions or upgrades to traditional operating systems. Typically, as these operating systems become older they are either incapable of being upgraded or ongoing support is withdrawn rendering them useless.

FOBA Go, Linux-based remote laser software, on the other hand can be operated using any PC, Touch Screen, Tablet or other mobile device such as your phone. All of the major browsers such as Google, Firefox, Safari, TCT, etc and all industrial communication protocols are compatible. Other useful features of this new innovation include the ability to control multiple lasers using several different tabs within your browser.

The new Titus™ scanning head and FOBA Go software are available from Bromsgrove based TLM Laser, FOBA Laser’s UK and Ireland distributors, and just part of the comprehensive range of laser based technologies and systems offered by the company.

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